Timoti Road - Coastal Houses with water view and luxury lifestyle

Timoti Road's settlement at the New Zealand coast provides the typical New Zealand coastal lifestyle near the beach for coastal houses and small mansions with a water view.


Waterview seaside Property for sale
Hawkes Bay New Zealand

Modern mansion front view from a Water's view seaside property for sale

Where did the name 65 Timoti Road 
come from?

New Zealand coast with a premium luxury lifestyle property at the end of this road.

How far away is 65 Timoti Road from the Town
and from the Beach?

East Coast lifestyle both unbeatable for the rural and the coastal views

The Timoti Farm 
New Zealand Coastal Lifestyle

Lifestyle blocks and luxury lifestyle properties on the left side of Timoti Road development

The Timoti Coastal Design Development  
for coastal houses with a waterfront view

New Zealand east coast lifestyle with private road access.

What happened to the
Coastal Lifestyle Dream 
of the Timoti Road Development?

Country lifestyle with the advantage to be close to Havelock North and the Napier Airport

Privacy of the Properties 
with a luxury lifestyle near the beach

The State of the Timoti Road
with coastal houses

Neighbourhood Timoti Road 
for 65 Timoti Road

Coastal mansion are built on water's view lifestyle blocks.

How is the coastal lifestyle
compared to the country's lifestyle?

Coastal mansion are built on waterview lifestyle blocks.

How to prepare for a coastal life design  
with a touch of luxury?

Coastal interior design with the colours of sea, sun and sky