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Coastal Living Room

Imagine a living room where the boundaries between interior luxury and the wild beauty of the ocean blur. In the heart of the Bay House, this space is not just a room but a gateway to an unparalleled lifestyle.

Consider the allure of German-engineered, panoramic windows that stretch from floor to ceiling, offering a 270-degree view of the ocean's majesty. These aren't just any windows, but a testament to architectural genius, framing the ever-changing canvas of the sea and sky. Yet, there's more to this room than meets the eye. What if the key to transforming this space into an even more versatile and awe-inspiring area lies hidden in plain sight?

Now, imagine the possibilities that could unfold in a room designed not just for living but for experiencing life at its most beautiful. What secret feature could seamlessly blend the indoors with the outdoors, promising to redefine your understanding of luxury living? The answer awaits, but only for those daring enough to explore further. Are you ready to discover the hidden gem of the Bay House?


Coastal Architecture: 
Contemporary Living Rooms Elegance

The 248.34 m2 open-plan kitchen, atrium, and lounge/living room area form the heart of the home. Floor-to-ceiling windows provide 270-degree views over the Pacific Ocean and rolling countryside. The open plan living buildings connect via a glass link over a water feature to the seaview bedroom house. A indoor walkway connect the separate granny flat guesthouse to the main-house.

The advantage is the ability to enjoy spectacular scenery from multiple vantage points. The staggered alignment of the kitchen, lounge, and Waimarama bedroom house maximizes visibility. The open yet separated layout offers privacy and community in one estate.

The benefits are abundant natural light, a visual feast, and a flexible living arrangement suiting different needs. Appreciate sunrises and sunsets over the sea. Host events without crowding. Retreat to quiet nooks. The design harmonizes man and nature through conscious positioning to embrace the environment.

Open Plan Living Area Size (m2)

Summary of the open plan living areas in the main house

Walkway 76.60
Atrium 27.74
Kitchen/Dining 72.00
Living Room 72.00

Total Size of Open Plan Living Areas in the Main House

Total 248.34 m2
This coastal haven, nestled high above Waimarama Beach, offers a lifestyle of unparalleled tranquility and opulence. The waterfront property is for sale.
Discover a unique contemporary modern house with panoramic ocean views, open-plan living, and sustainable design.
Experience panoramic sea views in a modern coastal living space
  • Architectural Design: Crafted for panoramic views, this modern home boasts a 72m2 open-plan living space with 9m panorama windows.
  • Geotechnical: Strategically positioned on a hilltop, the house is designed with stormwater management and structural integrity in mind.
  • Family Living: With multiple living areas and a self-contained Granny Flat, the house caters to family dynamics and potential income opportunities.
  • Coastal Gardening: The land's natural beauty is preserved, enhancing the health and happiness of residents.
  • Landscape Synergy: The outdoor design captures the 270⁰ oceanfront view, complementing the A-infinity water feature.
  • Native Flora: Native plants are selected to thrive in the coastal environment, enriching the property's natural charm.
  • Structural Footings: Deep reinforced concrete footings ensure stability for this hilltop retreat.
  • Privacy and Versatility: Separate living quarters offer privacy and versatility for residents and guests alike.
  • Environmental Benefits: The design and landscaping promote a connection with nature, enhancing well-being and creativity.


  • Design Philosophy: I aimed to create a space that captures the essence of the ocean and the sky, blending them seamlessly with the living experience.
  • Challenges Overcome: The design process was a meticulous journey to ensure that every room was a window to nature's grandeur.
  • Structural Aesthetics: The glass-roofed Atrium and German Panorama windows are not just features; they are the soul of the home.

Geotechnical Engineer

  • Site Analysis: I carefully evaluated the hilltop terrain to ensure the home stands safe from coastal threats.
  • Stormwater Strategy: The gradient of the building platform was a calculated decision for effective water management.
  • Foundation Expertise: The depth of the footings was determined by a thorough understanding of the land's geotechnical properties.

Private Estate & Lifestyle Navigator

  • Space Utilization: I see the house's layout as an opportunity for families to grow and for owners to host without compromising privacy.
  • Income Potential: The additional dwellings on the property are perfect for generating extra revenue through hospitality.
  • Privacy and Comfort: Each living space is designed to be a sanctuary, offering solitude and luxury in equal measure.

Coastal Gardener

  • Coastal Farmland: I would nurture the land to maintain its pristine condition, ensuring it complements the home's coastal charm.
  • Wellness Landscaping: My gardening approach is holistic, focusing on the therapeutic benefits of coastal living.
  • View-Centric Design: My vision was to create outdoor spaces that are extensions of the interior, framing the ocean's majesty.
  • Deck Integration: The deck is envisioned as a fluid element that connects the home to the infinity of the water feature. It serves very well for all sorts of future cleaning and maintenance tasks
  • Flora Selection: I choose plants that not only survive but thrive, adding to the home's serene atmosphere.

House with Fireplace:
Inviting Ambiance with Warm Elegance

Expansive views that offer a 270-degree panorama of the ocean framed by floor-to-ceiling windows. An open-plan design provides a spacious 64 sqm layout with a seamless flow and airy feel, perfect for relaxation and entertainment. Natural light bathes the room from sunrise to enhance the serene ambiance. Custom cabinetry with built-in library and display shelves adds functional elegance. A double-sided fireplace offers warmth and a focal point for intimate gatherings. Floor power sockets allow for versatile furniture arrangements to suit any occasion.

The advantage is structural integrity from a reinforced concrete ring beam and steel posts that ensure stability without compromising the view. Coastal chic neutral tones and natural materials reflect the relaxed, beachside lifestyle. Visitors are captivated by the views and cozy, yet elegant atmosphere.

The benefits include Tasmanian oak floors and exposed wood beam ceilings that add warmth and character. Guests cherish it as a personal sanctuary with tranquil views and warmth during sunrise. The custom built-ins perfectly showcase treasured collections. On cooler nights, the fireplace and dark wood floors create a cozy evening retreat for reading. Engineered stability supports the large windows and open ceiling with minimal impact, while efficiency is maintained through thermally broken materials. Slender steel posts allow for uninterrupted ocean vistas, immersing guests in the landscape for endless gazing as the seascape changes.

  • Expansive Views: Floor-to-ceiling windows offer a 270-degree view of the ocean, framing the beauty of the coast.
  • Open-Plan Design: A spacious 72 sqm layout provides a seamless flow and airy feel, perfect for relaxation and entertainment.
  • Natural Light: Oriented to capture the sunrise, the room is bathed in soft morning light, enhancing the serene ambiance.
  • Custom Cabinetry: Built-in library and display shelves add a personal touch and functional elegance to the space.
  • Cozy Fireplace: A double-sided fireplace offers warmth and a focal point for intimate gatherings.
  • Flexible Layout: Floor power sockets allow for versatile furniture arrangements to suit any occasion.
  • Structural Integrity: A reinforced concrete ring beam and steel posts ensure stability without compromising the view.
  • Coastal Chic: Neutral tones and natural materials reflect the relaxed, beachside lifestyle.
  • Warm Wood Accents: Tasmanian oak floors and exposed wood beam ceilings add warmth and character.
  • Visitor's Delight: Guests are captivated by the panoramic views and the room's cozy, yet elegant atmosphere.


  • Maximized Views: I designed the living room to highlight the stunning coastal scenery with strategic window placement.
  • Spacious Feel: The high ceilings and open-plan concept were key in creating an airy and expansive environment.
  • Sunlight Optimization: I ensured the room received ample natural light while avoiding the harsher western sun.

Interior Designer

  • Coastal Chic: I selected a neutral color palette and natural materials to embody the essence of coastal living.
  • Comfort First: Plush sofas and woven rugs were chosen to provide comfort and add texture to the space.
  • Functional Elegance: The custom built-in cabinetry was designed to offer both storage and display for collectibles.

Real Estate Principal

  • Room Highlights: I emphasize the living room's panoramic vistas and high-end amenities to potential buyers.
  • Entertainment Ready: The built-in entertainment system wiring is a selling point for those who enjoy technology.
  • Unique Features: I highlight the double-sided fireplace and built-in library as unique aspects of this home.

Home Owner

  • Personal Sanctuary: I cherish the living room for its tranquil views and the warmth it provides during sunrise.
  • Display Space: The custom built-ins are perfect for showcasing my treasured model railway engine collection in a little section.
  • Evening Retreat: On cooler nights, the fireplace and dark wood floors create a cozy atmosphere for reading.

Structural Engineer

  • Engineered Stability: I designed the structural system to support the large windows and open ceiling with minimal visual impact.
  • Thermal Efficiency: The thermally broken ring beam prevents condensation, ensuring comfort and durability.
  • Unobstructed Views: The slender steel posts I incorporated allow for uninterrupted ocean vistas.


  • Immersive Experience: The wall of windows and panoramic views make me feel connected to the ocean landscape.
  • Cozy Evenings: The dark wood accents and fireplace create a warm, inviting space to unwind.
  • Endless Gazing: The living room is a perfect spot to relax and watch the ever-changing seascape for hours.

Cozy Acoustic Ambiance:
Modern Living Room - Soundscapes - Views

Settling into a cozy library, surrounded by books in a peaceful literary oasis, or being swept away by the latest blockbuster with a Sony home theater system that wraps you in an immersive audio experience. The seamless connectivity from this living room to a seaview bedroom through a glass link offers a tranquil retreat, while ample storage and a strategically placed desk provide space for creativity and productivity.

The open plan living room is the harmonious blend of relaxation and entertainment. Whether you're immersed in a novel in the quiet comfort of library or enjoying the rich, enveloping sound of a high-definition audio system, this space is designed to cater to your every mood. The thoughtful mix of areas within the home allows you to indulge in your passions, whether that's reading, reflecting, or engaging in an exhilarating gaming session.

The benefits of residing in the coastal living room are manifold; comfort, connectivity, and inspiration are at the forefront. The shelves filled with books offer a welcoming embrace, while the high-fidelity sound system transports you to other worlds. The 9-meter panorama window frames a 270-degree view of the ocean and nearby Bare Island, providing a stunning backdrop to refresh the mind. Tidy storage solutions ensure a clutter-free haven, and the desk is a silent invitation to those inspired to write, paint, or explore new ideas against the backdrop of an awe-inspiring view.

A living room that harmonizes relaxation, entertainment, and creativity.
  • Library: Spanning 7.6 meters offers ample room for your favorite novels and cherished collections. A reader's haven with extensive shelving for an impressive book collection.
  • Creative Desk Space: A dedicated area for hobbies like sewing or writing, fostering creativity.
  • Adaptive Lighting: Uplights and color-changing downlights set the mood, whether you're reading, entertaining, or relaxing.
  • Tranquil Views: Large glass panels provide a serene backdrop and natural light, enhancing the room's ambiance.
  • Integrated Storage: Functional cabinets beneath the library provide discreet storage for games, toys, and much more.
  • High-Quality Audio: Built-in Sony speakers and a central audio system create an immersive sound environment for movie nights or music enjoyment for the entire open plan area (Kitchen / Atrium / Living Room) and the garage.
  • Seamless Connectivity: The door to the right with the glass link over a water feature connects to the seaview bedroom house, blending indoor comfort with outdoor serenity.
  • Entertainment Ready: A centrally placed TV ensures you don't miss a scene, whether you're reading, playing or lounging.
  • Room to Grow: The expansive library shelves await your growing book or board game collection.
  • Design Harmony: The room's design integrates leisure, work, and play, making it a versatile living space.

Sound Expert:

  • Immersive Soundscapes: I've ensured the Sony DAV-LF1 speakers are optimally placed for an enveloping audio experience.
  • Sound Design: I carefully selected the Sony Audio system for its ability to fill the room with rich, layered sound, perfect for both music lovers and movie buffs.

Book Lover:

  • Literary Haven: I adore the well organized library that wraps around the room, offering a view of my treasured books.
  • Reading Ambiance: The adjustable lighting creates the perfect atmosphere for getting lost in a good book.

Board Game Aficionado:

  • Game Storage Galore: The ample cabinets below the library are perfect for organizing and storing my extensive board game collection.
  • Playful Space: The room's layout allows for game nights without compromising on style or comfort.

Young Explorer - Parent:

  • Toy Organization: The storage solutions are ideal for keeping the kids Brio railway and Lego sets neatly tucked away yet fast and easily accessible.
  • Child-Friendly Design: The room is a safe and inviting space for my loved ones to play and let there imagination run wild.

Nature's Canvas:
A Symphony of Sky and Sea

Imagine waking up to panoramic views of the ocean and sky, a daily masterpiece of nature's beauty right at your doorstep. Coastal Serenity, a modern home perched elegantly on a hill, offers this and more. The architectural harmony of the house seamlessly integrates with the natural landscape, providing a peaceful sanctuary. As night falls, the home transforms into a beacon of warmth against the cool ocean backdrop. Expansive decks invite you to relax and entertain, while cozy nooks provide personal spaces to enjoy the surrounding beauty. Large windows and open spaces maximize the infusion of natural light, and the landscaping with native plants enhances your connection to the coastal ecosystem.

The advantage of Coastal Serenity lies in its unique location and design. The house is strategically located on a hill, offering stunning ocean views where the horizon meets modern architecture. This creates a retreat that offers both tranquility and contemporary luxury. The presence of the ocean and the picturesque lifestyle that comes with living by the sea are accentuated by the home's design, which ensures a comfortable living experience regardless of the season. The home's layout encourages social gatherings with a view, and the serene environment is perfect for contemplation and rejuvenation.

The benefits of living in Coastal Serenity extend beyond the physical features of the home. As a resident, you'll witness the most beautiful weather phenomena, from serene sunsets to dramatic storms. These coastal weather patterns shape your daily life, bringing a unique rhythm and perspective. Your home becomes a living canvas, with the coastal weather patterns painting a different picture each day, enriching your home life with their beauty. The coastal lifestyle influences your daily routines and activities, creating a unique living experience that is both enriching and rejuvenating.

Season Months Max. Temperature (°C/°F)

Coastal Weather in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand

Spring September - November 16 - 19°C (61 - 66°F)
Summer December - February 20 - 25°C (68 - 77°F)
Autumn March - May 17 - 21°C (62 - 70°F)
Winter June - August 12 - 16°C (53 - 61°F)

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Experience the tranquility of coastal living with a modern oceanfront retreat that redefines serenity. Discover the essence of coastal living with a serene oceanfront home that offers breathtaking views and modern comforts
  • Scenic Vistas: The panoramic views of the ocean and sky provide a daily masterpiece of nature's beauty.
  • Architectural Harmony: Modern design seamlessly integrates with the natural landscape, offering a peaceful sanctuary.
  • Evening Ambiance: As night falls, the home becomes a beacon of warmth against the cool ocean backdrop.
  • Outdoor Living: Expansive decks invite residents to relax and entertain against the stunning coastal backdrop.
  • Reflective Moments: The serene environment is perfect for contemplation and rejuvenation.
  • Entertainment Spaces: The home's layout encourages social gatherings with a view.
  • Intimate Settings: Cozy nooks provide personal spaces to enjoy the surrounding beauty.
  • Natural Light: Large windows and open spaces maximize the infusion of natural light.
  • Seaside Flora: Landscaping with native plants enhances the connection to the coastal ecosystem.
  • Year-Round Comfort: The home's design ensures a comfortable living experience regardless of the season.

Home Owner

  • Weather Wonders: Living here, I've witnessed the most beautiful weather phenomena, from serene sunsets to dramatic storms.
  • Lifestyle Influence: The coastal weather patterns shape our daily life, bringing a unique rhythm and perspective.

Relocation Specialist/Buyer Agent

  • Seamless Transition: I ensure a smooth relocation to the coast, where every day feels like a vacation.
  • Property Potential: I highlight homes that offer the best of coastal living, with views that inspire and spaces that comfort.

Novel Writer: Cassandra Shoreline

  • Dramatic Backdrops: My stories come to life against the tumultuous and romantic settings of the coast.
  • Emotional Depth: I draw inspiration from the ever-changing moods of the sea to create compelling narratives.

Engineered Elegance:
Discover the Stability of Expert Craftsmanship

Stepping into your coastal home, your feet greeted by the warmth and elegance of engineered Tasmanian oak floors. These floors, designed with precision, feature perpendicular layers to combat expansion and contraction, ensuring a stable and durable surface. The close joist spacing ensures a tight, uniform fit for the boards, while the expanding glue secures them to concrete, enhancing stability. The natural, serene touch of the Tasmanian oak adds to the coastal charm, creating a luxurious finish that exudes opulence.

The advantage of these floors lies in their resilience and sustainability. They retain heat, providing comfort even in winter without the need for underfloor heating. They also resist warping or movement, even in harsh sunlight and dry conditions, making them a reliable choice for any coastal home. The Tasmanian oak is a responsible selection for eco-conscious homeowners, offering a renewable surface with a 3mm top layer that allows for multiple sandings and resealings, extending the floor's lifespan.

The benefits of these floors go beyond their aesthetic appeal. They are low maintenance, easy to care for, ensuring lasting beauty with minimal effort. The dimensional stability and resistance to environmental changes make them a solid foundation for any interior. The warmth and luxury finish of Tasmanian oak floors are unmatched, providing a sense of engineered elegance that elevates the coastal interior design. With these floors, you're not just investing in a home, but in a lifestyle of comfort, luxury, and sustainability.

Flooring Material Pros Cons Costs Maintenance

Coastal Living Room Flooring Materials

Hardwood Durable, wide variety of looks, adds real estate value[12][15] Can be expensive, requires regular maintenance[1][12] Medium to High[15] Medium (Routine sweeping and vacuuming)[12]
Tile Durable, diverse and affordable, easy to maintain[13] Can be hard and cold, expensive installation[2][13] Medium to High (Depends on tile type and installation)[2][6] Low (Light cleaning needed)[2]
Carpet Soft, quiet, hides dirt, inexpensive[7][11] High maintenance, shows wear and tear, allergens[3][7][11] Low to Medium (Depends on carpet type)[7] High (Regular vacuuming and spot treating)[3][11]
Bamboo Renewable, easy maintenance, can be refinished, adds real estate value[4][8] Easily scratched, humidity swings can cause cracks[4] Medium to High (Depends on bamboo type and installation) Low (Routine cleaning)[4]
Vinyl Durable, affordable, easy to install and maintain[5] Can be damaged by sharp objects, can fade with UV exposure[5] Low to Medium (Depends on vinyl type and installation) Low (Routine cleaning)

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Experience the luxury of engineered Tasmanian oak floors in a coastal interior design setting.
Experience panoramic sea views in a modern coastal living space
  • Coastal Charm: The Tasmanian oak floors add a natural, serene touch to the coastal aesthetic.
  • Engineered Precision: Floors designed with perpendicular layers to combat expansion and contraction.
  • Seamless Integration: Close joist spacing ensures a tight, uniform fit for the boards.
  • Adhesive Excellence: Expanding glue secures the boards to concrete, enhancing stability.
  • Renewable Surface: The 3mm top layer allows for multiple sandings and resealings.
  • Winter Warmth: Floors retain heat, providing comfort even without underfloor heating.
  • Sunlight Resilience: No warping or movement, even in harsh sunlight and dry conditions.
  • Low Maintenance: Easy to care for, ensuring lasting beauty with minimal effort.
  • Luxurious Finish: A solid and durable surface that exudes opulence.
  • Sustainable Choice: Tasmanian oak is a responsible selection for eco-conscious homeowners.

Timber Flooring Specialist

  • Engineered Advantage: I recommend engineered oak for its dimensional stability and resistance to environmental changes.
  • Luxury Feel: The warmth and luxury finish of Tasmanian oak floors are unmatched, providing a solid foundation for any interior.

Sanding and Polishing Specialist

  • Renewable Quality: I appreciate the top layer's thickness, which allows for multiple renovations, extending the floor's lifespan.
  • Resilient Beauty: Based on my experience, the durability of these floors against sunlight and temperature changes is exceptional.

Modern Living Room Design:
Where Structural Artistry Meets Durability

A living space where the gentle hues of a whitewashed tongue and groove ceiling evoke the serene feeling of a beachside retreat. This isn't just a room; it's a canvas where over two kilometers of meticulously installed ceiling boards meet the strength of 11-meter laminated timber beams. The result? A luxurious coastal elegance that is as enduring as it is beautiful.

The advantage of this architectural masterpiece lies in its unique "flying roof" design, supported by robust beams that not only promise longevity in the face of coastal breezes but also add an undeniable structural artistry. The seamless integration of custom service ducts with uplighting ensures that the space is bathed in a warm, inviting glow, enhancing the spacious ambiance and creating a harmonious transition from the indoors to the exterior soffits.

The benefits of residing in such an exquisitely designed space are manifold. Not only does it offer a tranquil sanctuary that mirrors the tranquility of the ocean, but it also represents a wise investment. The combination of high-quality materials, innovative design, and structural integrity not only enhances the daily living experience but also significantly increases the home's market value. This is coastal living redefined, where every detail contributes to a lifestyle of elegance and calm.

Material Costs (low, medium, high) Installation Costs (low, medium, high)

Overview of Ceiling Materials and Associated Costs for Coastal Living Room in New Zealand

Timber/Wood medium medium
Bamboo medium low
Synthetic Materials low low
Metal high medium
Plaster low medium
Eco-Friendly Materials (e.g., recycled cotton, jute, hemp) medium medium

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Coastal living room with a whitewashed ceiling and sturdy laminated beams for a serene ambiance.
Experience panoramic sea views in a modern coastal living space
  • Whitewashed Charm: The ceiling's bleached finish radiates a tranquil, coastal vibe.
  • Seamless Installation: Secret nail fixing of boards ensures a flawless aesthetic.
  • Spacious Ambiance: High ceilings amplify the room's luxurious spaciousness.
  • Integrated Uplighting: Custom ducts with lighting enhance the room's warmth.
  • Exterior Continuity: The ceiling design extends to external soffits for harmony.
  • Laminated Strength: Solid timber beams provide robust support for the roof.
  • Flying Roof Design: A modern approach that gives the illusion of a floating roof.
  • Wind Resilience: The structure is fortified to withstand coastal breezes.
  • Structural Aesthetics: Exposed beams add a touch of architectural beauty.
  • Value Enhancement: Quality materials and design increase home valuation.

Architect & Interior Designer Team

  • Design Synergy: Our collaboration ensures that form and function align seamlessly, creating spaces that are both beautiful and livable.
  • Coastal Palette: We selected materials that reflect the light and colors of the seaside, infusing the home with a sense of calm and relaxation.
  • Functional Lighting: I designed the uplighting to enhance the room's ambiance while providing easy access to utilities, marrying aesthetics with practicality.

Timber Beam Specialist

  • Innovative Fabrication: As a Timber Beam Specialist, I craft beams that merge beauty with resilience, ensuring longevity in coastal environments.
  • Structural Elegance: My work with laminated beams brings an element of natural artistry to the home, while offering the strength needed for expansive roof spans.

Home Valuation Expert

  • Architectural Value: Exposed timber frames and whitewashed ceilings are not just design elements; they're investments that elevate the home's market appeal.
  • Material Premium: The use of high-quality timber and meticulous construction techniques significantly enhances the property's valuation.

Modern Coastal Living Room Q&A
Open Concept Kitchen to Living Room

How does the living room integrate with the open plan kitchen dining lounge of the main house?
What are the key features of the living room's design?
How does the living room's design maximize the property's views?
What makes the living room ideal for both day and night use?
Can the living room accommodate entertainment and relaxation?
How does the living room contribute to the property's open indoor/outdoor flow?
What role does the living room play in the overall design of the Bay House?
How does the living room's ambiance change with the natural light?
Is the living room's design unique to the Bay House?
How does the living room enhance the property's appeal to potential buyers?

Video Tour:
Explore Coastal Vibe in this New Zealand Property

Ever dreamt of owning a piece of paradise? Now you can virtually step inside this breathtaking New Zealand oasis. Explore over 30 minutes of stunning 3D video and imagine yourself creating unforgettable memories in this waterfront wonder. Could this be your happily ever after?

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Luxury Garage

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Walk at the Beach

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Seaside Golf

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Gannets Neighborhood

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Family Celebration

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Dramatic Scenery