6 Bedroom Property for Sale in Hawkes Bay New Zealand

Imagine a sanctuary where the boundaries between indoor opulence and outdoor grandeur are seamlessly blurred, where every sunrise is a private show of nature's splendor, and every room a gallery framing the Pacific. The Bay House, a 6 bedroom house for sale, is not just a residence; it's a canvas for the most discerning connoisseur of luxury coastal living. But what if this masterpiece of modern architecture could unlock more than just an extraordinary lifestyle?

Consider the possibility of a home that not only serves as your private retreat but also transforms into a lucrative venture. With its self-contained granny flat and separate guest house, the Bay House presents an unparalleled opportunity for those seeking homes with guest house for sale. But how could this feature redefine your concept of home ownership and financial freedom?

Now, picture a space so intelligently designed that it caters to the complex dynamics of extended family homes for sale, offering not one, but three master bedrooms, each a realm of privacy and luxury. Could this be the solution to your quest for a large family home that harmonizes communal living with personal space? And what hidden potentials does this property hold for those who dream of a house with inlaw suite or a house with nanny suite?


6 Bedroom House for Sale NZ:
Luxury Space for Large Families

Early adapter of climate change-focused architecture: This property embraces an innovative balance with its adherence to the 16/8 Living/Resting Design Principle. Prioritizing larger, more vibrant living areas and strategically sized bedrooms, it fosters a lifestyle focused on connection and mindful resource use. With 200m2 of open living space, expansive 9m wide windows, and a 300-degree natural outdoor viewing experience, this home maximizes both light and spectacular views. This climate-conscious architectural marvel has focused on sustainable living, blending modern comfort with an eco-smart design.

Where Modern Design Meets Sustainability: This 6-bedroom house for sale boasts over 500m2 of flexible modular design, proving that luxury and environmental responsibility can beautifully coexist. Utilizing over 300m2 of glass and floor-to-ceiling windows peaking at 3.7m, it maximizes natural light, reduces reliance on artificial lighting, and seamlessly blends indoor and outdoor spaces. This dream home in New Zealand offers a breathtakingly beautiful and responsible family residence.

Efficiency, Sustainability, and Expansive Beauty: The advantages of this  6-bedroom house extend well beyond its design.  Its integration of passive solar heating, 90 evacuated hot water solar tubes, and energy-smart appliances significantly minimizes energy consumption.  Furthermore, rainwater harvesting and greywater recycling systems showcase the property's dedication to responsible water use. This home embodies a conscious lifestyle – one that values efficiency and harmony with nature while delivering luxurious modern comforts with minimal environmental impact.

Green Feature Functionality Return on Investment

Investing in Green Luxury: The Benefits of Eco-Smart Real Estate

Building ponds strategically placed on the stormwater path Collects additional rainwater for biodiversity and attracts additional bird life; controls stormwater runoff to prevent flooding and environmental issues[1][5]. Increases property values, creates new habitats for wildlife, supports aquatic vegetation, and can be used for recreational purposes[1].
Planting more native plants Improves soil quality, plant diversity, and attracts additional bird life; assists with erosion control[2][6][9][12]. Reduces the need for chemical pesticides and fertilizers, supports local ecosystems, and enhances aesthetic appeal[2][6][9][12].
Predator-free investments Creates a sanctuary of pest-free land allowing other species to develop; protects native species and improves biodiversity[3][7][10][13][16][22][23]. Attracts visitors, improves health through community conservation, supports local fauna, and provides a legacy for future generations[3][7][10][13][16][22][23].
Installing solar panels Provides energy independence from the network; supports sustainable energy use[4]. Reduces energy costs, qualifies for tax exemptions, and increases property value; supports environmental sustainability[4].

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6 bedroom house for sale in New Zealand. Coastal location in Hawkes Bay with stunning waterfront view over Waimarama Beach.
Modular home design architecture. Over 500m2 of flexible, modular design is tailored for eco-conscious owners
Experience panoramic sea views in a modern coastal living space
  • Architectural Flexibility: Over 500m2 of modular design caters to various lifestyles and adapts to owner needs.
  • Sustainable Design: Using low-footprint architecture for climate-conscious living.
  • 16/8 Living/Resting Design Principle: Emphasizes a balanced home environment by allocating space for 8 hours of sleep in smaller, cozy bedrooms and 16 hours in large, communal areas for shared experiences and connection with nature.
  • Space Optimization: The 16/8 design principles ensures smaller bedrooms and larger living areas for a balanced home environment.
  • Open Plan Living: Over 200m2 of open space with panoramic views through extensive glass installations.
  • Panoramic Windows: 9m wide corner windows frame natural vistas, integrating the outdoors with the indoors.
  • Eco-Smart Bedrooms: Maximize restful space with smart built-in furniture placement and color choices.
  • Green Architecture: Minimizing environmental impact through sustainable design and materials.
  • Energy Efficiency: Incorporating passive solar design and renewable energy sources for a greener future.
  • Water Conservation: Implementing rainwater harvesting and greywater recycling to reduce water usage.
  • Insulation & Appliances: Enhancing sustainability with superior insulation and using solar energy.

Sustainable Design & Planning Consultant

  • Adaptive Design: I advice on creating spaces that evolve with the homeowner's needs, ensuring longevity and flexibility.
  • Climate Conscious: I like designs that are early adopters of climate change-focused architecture, reducing environmental impact.

Life Cycle Assessment & Building Performance Consultant

  • Material Selection: I advocate for materials that extend a building's life and support responsible maintenance practices.
  • Performance Optimization: I also recommended regular homeowner or property manager assessments to ensure the building's longevity is maintained over time..

Energy Efficiency & Passive Design Consultant

  • Passive Strategies: I recommended solar design and other passive techniques to minimize reliance on mechanical systems.
  • Renewable Integration: Recommending advanced solar solutions like evacuated hot water tubes for superior energy efficiency.

Sustainable Living Reimagined: 
Larger Living Spaces, Smaller Bedrooms

Discover the 16/8 Design Principle and the Bay House's eco-conscious architecture: The 16/8 Living/Resting Design Principle offers a fresh approach to home design. We spend 16 hours awake in shared spaces and 8 hours asleep in private bedrooms. This principle suggests prioritizing larger, brighter living areas while keeping bedrooms smaller, as they're mainly used in darkness. This maximizes enjoyment and promotes sustainable living.

The Bay House showcases sustainable modular design. Its five modules work together to reduce energy use and maximize flexibility of different property use case scenarios. The central atrium captures sunlight to passively heat the home. Double-glazed windows even inside of the house, heavy solid internal doors, and cross-ventilation further regulate temperature between moduls, minimizing the need for air conditioning.

This property embraces both spaciousness and sustainability. The 16/8 principle creates large, open living areas with exceptional stunning natural views. This design, along with energy-efficient features like passive solar heating, creates a luxurious home that prioritizes both comfort and environmental responsibility.

Design Aspect Sustainability Benefit Space Optimization

Spacious and Sustainable: A New Era of Home Design

Energy Efficiency Reduces energy consumption and lowers utility bills[1][2][6][10][19][22] Incorporates smart design to minimize energy loss, such as compact layouts and proper insulation[1][6][10][19]
Natural Light Improves health and reduces the need for artificial lighting[3][7][11][14][20][23][24] Uses strategic window placement and open floor plans to enhance light distribution[3][7][11][14][20][23][24]
Indoor Air Quality Promotes a healthier living environment and can reduce respiratory issues[4][8][16][21] Utilizes ventilation systems and non-toxic materials to maintain air quality without compromising space[4][8][16][21]
Material Use Encourages the use of sustainable, recycled, or locally sourced materials[5][9][12][18][21] Optimizes material efficiency with multi-functional spaces and durable construction[5][9][12][18][21]
Smaller Bedrooms Less material and energy required for construction and maintenance[1] Efficient use of space with built-in storage and multi-purpose furniture[1]
Larger Open Plan Living Areas Facilitates social interaction and shared energy resources[1][5] Eliminates unnecessary internal walls to create a sense of spaciousness[1][5]
Integration of Natural Surroundings Enhances well-being by connecting inhabitants with nature[9][12][18][24] Blurs the boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces[9][12][18][24]
Reducing Footprint Minimizes land use and habitat disruption[1][5][9] Adopts vertical rather than horizontal expansion[1][5][9]
Improving Mental Health by Design Creates a restorative environment through biophilic design and natural elements[4][17] Incorporates areas for relaxation and contemplation within the home layout[4][17]

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Modular design architecture for sustainable living in Hawkes Bay NZ
  • Modern Modular Design: Bay House showcases the potential of modular architecture in creating sustainable, adaptable living spaces.
  • 16/8 Living/Resting Design Principle: Emphasizes a balanced home environment by allocating space for 8 hours of sleep in smaller, cozy bedrooms and 16 hours in large, communal areas for shared experiences and connection with nature.
  • Atrium as Passive House Element: The central atrium module acts as a heat sink, absorbing solar energy to warm adjacent modules.
  • Eco-Friendly Heating: Solar energy stored in the atrium's concrete mass provides natural heating, reducing the need for artificial temperature control.
  • Ventilation and Cooling: Cross-ventilation and potential for automated shading in the atrium offer natural ways to regulate temperature.
  • Flexible Module Use: Modules 1, 2, and 5 offer versatility for different use cases, including potential income sources.
  • Self-Contained Units: Modules 1 and 5 can function as independent units, complete with amenities and private entrances.
  • Community and Privacy: The design balances communal living with private spaces, allowing for a variety of living arrangements.
  • Environmental Sustainability: The home's design emphasizes eco-friendly features, like cross-ventilation and solar energy utilization.
  • Upgrade Potential: The modular nature allows for future upgrades and adaptations to meet changing needs.

Modular Design Architect

  • Design Philosophy: We designed Bay House based on the 16/8 Living/Resting Design Principle, creating a balance between private and communal spaces for a harmonious living environment.
  • Sustainable Features: Incorporating an atrium as a passive solar heat sink was one off the many factors for reducing the home's environmental footprint.
  • Modular Flexibility: The modular design allowed for versatility in use, making it adaptable to various lifestyles and needs.

Interior Designer Specialized in Modular Design

  • Functional Aesthetics: I recommended on creating interiors that are not only coastal, modern and stylish but also functional, enhancing the quality of life for the inhabitants.
  • Adaptable Spaces: Modular units emphasize adaptability, allowing for easy customization and upgrades in the future.

Three Master Bedroom Options: 
Modern Living with Luxury Comforts

Discover a unique living experience with the Bay House's three designed master bedrooms. It features a Granny Flat/Separate Guesthouse, the Waimarama Bedrooms, and the Seaview Bedrooms, also known from past Guests as the Captain's House. Each Master Bedroom offers premium comfort, privacy, and extensive views.  Relax on queen beds, indulge in ensuite bathrooms with luxurious fixtures, and enjoy seamless indoor-outdoor flow with direct deck/terrace access.

The Bay House prioritizes both luxury and peace of mind.  German Window Doors with steel-reinforced PVC framing provide elegance and security.  Multiple emergency exits, keyless indoor mechanisms, and windows designed to double as exits ensure safety in any situation.  Indulge in the Granny Flat and Seaview Bedroom House ensuites, complete with two-person bathtubs and walk-in rain showers, or enjoy the unique walk-in wardrobe of the Waimarama Master Bedroom.

The Bay House's exceptional design goes beyond its bedrooms. Its 200mm thick outdoor walls and 150mm thick Hebel indoor walls deliver superior fire resistance, insulation, and soundproofing.  Enjoy vibrant social gatherings knowing undisturbed privacy awaits in your bedroom haven.  Professional interior lighting, smart LED lights, and custom-made doors enhance the home's ambiance, creating a luxurious and tranquil environment unlike any other.

Ambiance Feature Description Benefit

Creating Ambiance and Tranquility with Sustainability in Mind

No Noise Pollution Implementing soundproofing solutions and promoting a quiet environment. Enhances mental well-being by reducing stress, improving sleep, and improving memory[1][5].
Live by the Sea Incorporating ocean sounds into the living space, either naturally or through sound systems. Promotes relaxation and better sleep quality by altering the state of the nervous system[2][6].
Color Scheme Using either light or dark color schemes based on preference and space functionality. Influences mood and perception of space. Light colors make spaces appear larger, while dark colors add depth and intimacy[3][11][14][20].
Interior Materials Choosing sustainable materials like bamboo, cork, and recycled plastics for interior design. Reduces environmental impact and improves indoor air quality, contributing to overall health[4][8].
Natural Light Design Maximizing the use of natural light through strategic window placement and reflective surfaces. Lowers energy consumption and enhances mood by regulating circadian rhythms[4].
Cross Ventilation Designing spaces to encourage natural air flow as an alternative to air conditioning. Improves air quality and reduces reliance on energy-intensive cooling systems[4].
Natural Surrounding Incorporating elements of nature into the living space, such as plants, water features, and natural materials. Enhances well-being by reducing stress, improving air quality, and promoting a connection with nature[4][22].
Privacy and Security Implementing design elements that ensure personal space and safety without compromising aesthetics. Creates a sense of safety and comfort, which is fundamental for relaxation and stress reduction[4].

Citations: [1] https://www.uk.weber/blog/tips-tricks/how-benefit-reduced-noise-pollution-your-home [2] https://www.bettersleep.com/blog/benefits-of-ocean-sounds-for-sleep/ [3] https://www.fastcompany.com/90961802/dark-mode-vs-light-mode-ux-debate-settled [4] https://interiorstylehunter.com/sustainable-materials-every-interior-designer-needs-to-know/ [5] https://www.soundproofcow.com/health-benefits-quiet-home/ [6] https://www.aurahealth.io/blog/how-listening-to-ocean-waves-can-help-you-sleep-better [8] https://connect.eyrc.com/blog/sustainable-interior-materials [11] https://www.webstaurantstore.com/blog/1884/interior-color-choices-and-your-restaurants-message.html [14] https://www.wasserstrom.com/blog/2022/12/07/color-psychology-for-restaurant-design/ [20] https://blog.tubikstudio.com/light-or-dark-ui-tips-choose-proper-color-scheme/ [22] https://ouraring.com/blog/how-sleeping-background-noise-can-impact-your-sleep-quality/

This 6 bedroom house for sale has 3 master bedroom, spreaded in 3 different wings.
Luxury Bathroom with bath tube, walk-in rain shower, next to seaview bedroom.
Master bedroom and ensuite with night ambiance. Next to water feature and the full moon over the ocean.
Master bedroom in the guest house of a 6 bedroom house for sale in Hawkes Bay New Zealand.
Luxuruious ensuite with bath tube and walk-in rain shower.
Spacious master bedroom suite with queen bed, ensuite and walk-in wardrobe
  • Three Master Suites: Each with queen beds, private ensuites, and built-in storage.
  • Luxurious Bathrooms: Two Ensuite offer two-person bathtubs and walk-in rain showers for ultimate relaxation.
  • German Kohler Basins: Double sink basins in all ensuites reflect quality and style.
  • Exclusive Wardrobe: The Waimarama Bedroom is the only Master Bedroom with a walk-in wardrobe.
  • Professional Lighting: Integrated upper-class lighting design throughout the Bay House.
  • Custom Doors: Heavy, custom-made doors with European hardware for noise and draft reduction.
  • Modular Architecture: German designed Hebel Material walls for fire resistance, insulation, and acoustic performance.
  • Direct Deck Access: Essential for safety, each bedroom has exits to the deck/terrace.
  • Reinforced Exits: German Window Doors with steel-reinforced PVC framing may ensuring secure escape routes together with windows.
  • Keyless Emergency Exits: Most exits feature a keyless indoor closing mechanism for quick egress.

Acoustics Consulting for Noise Control

  • Optimized Acoustics: I recommended that the entertainment in the main living room doesn't disturb the peace in the master bedrooms by using quality materials.

Emergency Exits Consulting

  • Strategic Safety: I advised on the inclusion of multiple emergency exits and reinforced window doors to enhance occupant safety including keyless openings.

Seaview Bedroom House:
Home with Guest House For Sale

The Seaview Bedroom House, spanning 66 m2, is featuring a master bedroom with an 11 m2 area and an 8 m2 ensuite, a garden bedroom of 11 m2 with the flexibility of a single or queen bed and built-in furniture, an accessible bathroom of 6 m2, and a combined kitchenette/living room of 23 m2. This module ensures all east facing room, captivates with the best seaview of the entire property, making it an ideal listing among homes for sale with guest quarters.

The advantage of this property lies in its unique positioning and design. Elevated at 192 meters above sea level, it guarantees a tsunami-safe beachfront view, offering not just beauty but peace of mind. The house's design prioritizes privacy and independence, featuring a separate entrance and an electrical distribution board ready for an easy upgrade from a kitchenette to a full kitchen. Its connection to the main building via a glass link and the inclusion of self-sufficient services, such as a built-in hot water tank and pre-installed connections for an oven and stove, set it apart as a prime choice among homes with a guest house for sale.

The benefits of living in this Seaview Bedroom House extend beyond its stunning waterfront view and architectural elegance. It offers a lifestyle of unparalleled beauty and convenience. Imagine waking up every morning to the serene beauty of the ocean, enjoying the privacy of your own outlook deck, or transforming the living room and kitchenette into a fitness room with a 7m over-the-corner panorama window to the beach and sea. With every room equipped with a TV and satellite connection, and the entire house designed for wheelchair accessibility, this property doesn’t just promise a home; it offers a sanctuary.

Seaview Bedroom House offers 2 bedrooms/baths, kitchenette, living room, and a separate entrance for flexibility and income.
Separate guest house with multible usage possibility like, rental income, additional bedroom, fitness room, home office.
Stunning view over the Pacific ocean from the master suite of a 6 bedroom house for sale New Zealand.
Master suite next to water feature with extensive view over the ocean.
Impression of all the rooms of a separate guest house
  • Guest Quarters: A garden bedroom with a choice of single or queen bed, complemented by built-in furniture for a seamless blend of comfort and style.
  • Private Living: Includes its own living room and kitchenette, ensuring guests enjoy their privacy and convenience.
  • Entertainment Ready: Every room is equipped with a TV and satellite connection, keeping guests entertained throughout their stay.
  • Self-Sufficiency: Features self-sufficient services, allowing for a worry-free, independent living experience.
  • Safe and Elevated: Positioned 192 meters above sea level, offering a tsunami-safe beachfront view and unparalleled privacy.
  • Versatile Spaces: The living room and kitchenette can double as a fitness room or home office, boasting a 7m over-the-corner panorama window with stunning beach and sea views.
  • Seamless Connection: A glass link connects the Seaview Bedroom House to the main building, enhancing the sense of space and openness.
  • Wheelchair Accessible: Designed with accessibility in mind, ensuring comfort and mobility for everyone.
  • Independence: Boasts a separate entrance and electrical distribution board, ready for an easy upgrade to a full kitchen.
  • Private Outlook Deck: Offers its own private outlook deck, providing a personal space to enjoy the breathtaking views.

Hospitality Industry Expert

  • Unmatched Views: I've seen how guests value the unique beauty of a waterfront view. This property's elevation not only ensures safety but also provides the most stunning seaviews, making it a coveted destination for tourists seeking tranquility and beauty.


  • Living Experience: Having used this house as a bedroom, We can attest to its features offering both comfort and incrediable joy with stunning full moon over the pacific or waking up to countless beautiful sunrises.

Granny Flat:
House for Sale with Detached Guest House

Spanning 68 m2, the Granny Flat is a self-contained unit used for example as separate inlaw apartment, offering a unique living solution for those seeking homes with accessory dwelling units for sale. This house for sale with detached guest house includes a master bedroom of 14 m2 with an 8 m2 ensuite, a second bedroom of 11 m2, a second bathroom of 6 m2, and a combined kitchen, dining, and living area of 26 m2. The staircase separate entrance of 3 m2 ensures private access to this well-appointed space.

The advantage of this two bedroom home lies in its thoughtful design and high-quality finishes. The Granny Flat is positioned above the garage and carport, providing total independence and privacy from the main house. It features Miele appliances, a coffee machine, and a Liebherr integrated fridge/freezer in the kitchen, complemented by a stone bench and glass splashback with LED backlights. The interior boasts Tasmanian timber flooring, professional lighting, and German timber doors. The master bedroom's ensuite has built-in cabinets, a rain shower, double sink, bath, and even a Miele warming drawer for towels.

The benefits of owning this house with separate guest house for sale are manifold. Real estate experts highlight the value of a separate guesthouse for extended family stays, overseas guests, or adult children, enhancing the property's appeal and functionality. Additionally, the hospitality acquisition specialist points out the potential for early retiring high-profile managers to pursue their passion for hosting in a space that offers an exceptional lifestyle. With its generous outdoor areas, including a balcony and deck with a water feature facing south towards Bare Island, the property promises a serene ocean view, making it an ideal setting for both living and entertaining.

For sale a house with granny flat Hawkes Bay NZ
House for sale with separte guest house in New Zealand
Granny Flat Water Feature
Granny Flat Kitchen
Granny Flat Living Room
Granny Flat Master Bedroom
Granny Flat Ensuite
Granny Flat Second Bedroom
  • Granny Flat Independence: A 68 m2 self-contained unit with private entrance and outdoor balcony.
  • Master Bedroom Suite: A luxurious 14 m2 space with an 8 m2 ensuite, with a 2 pers bath-tub with tv, walk in rain shower and a Miele warming drawer for warm towels.
  • Additional Bedroom: An 11 m2 bedroom with a separate 6 m2 bathroom and balcony access.
  • Open Plan Living: A 26 m2 area combining kitchen, dining, and living space with an open fireplace and big sliding door to the garden deck doubling the living area.
  • Private Entrance: Separate access with a unique keyset and doorbell, ensuring privacy.
  • Premium Kitchen Appliances: Equipped with Miele appliances, a Miele coffee machine, and a Liebherr built-in fridge/freezer.
  • Quality Interior Finishes: Tasmanian timber flooring, professional lighting, and German timber doors.
  • Outdoor Living: Spacious balcony and deck with a water feature and south-facing ocean views.
  • Guest Accommodation: Ideal for extended family, overseas guests, or adult children, offering independence and comfort.

Real Estate Principal

  • Added Value: I've seen how a separate guesthouse significantly increases property value and appeal.
  • Desirable Feature: Buyers in this market segment highly value the flexibility for hosting extended family or guests.
  • Privacy and Independence: A detached inlaw apartment offers the perfect balance of proximity and personal space for residents.

Hospitality Acquisition Specialist

  • Second Career Opportunity: I've witnessed high-profile managers find joy in retiring early to host guests in such beautiful settings.
  • Lifestyle Enthusiasts: This property is perfect for those who love to spoil guests while enjoying an exceptional personal lifestyle.
  • Turnkey Hospitality: The granny flat's amenities and finishes provide a ready-to-go luxury experience for any aspiring host.

Waimarama Bedroom House:
House with Inlaw Suite

The Waimarama Bedroom House, spanning 53 m2, is featuring a spacious 19 m2 master bedroom with an 8 m2 ensuite, a 5 m2 wardrobe, and a dual-purpose 16 m2 office or bedroom. This house, nestled next to a stunning glass-roofed Atrium, is designed for comfort and functionality, ensuring that every square meter is optimized for your living pleasure.

The advantage of the Waimarama Bedroom House lies in its unique positioning and design. As the architect highlights, its sheltered location harnesses the cool sea breeze, making it the coolest house in summer, while the hydronic underfloor heating system ensures it remains cozy in winter. The office, doubling as a single bedroom, benefits from the warmth of tightly laid water pipes of the hydronic underfloor heating in the concrette floor, even when the office heating zones are off.

The very nice add-on of the Waimarama Bedroom House is waking up to the enchanting songs of Tui birds, as recounted by an ornithologist who once stayed here. This bedrom house could als be used as nanny suite or inlaw suite offering a lifestyle that connects with nature, provides peace and tranquility, and caters to the practical needs of modern living. 

House with inlaw suite for sale in New Zealand
Large house for sale in New Zealand with mother in law suite.
  • Nanny Suite or Inlaw Suite: The Waimarama Bedroom House could be used as a nanny suite or a inlaw suite
  • Efficient Space Utilization: With a total area of 53 square meters, every space is maximized for comfort and functionality.
  • Natural Climate Control: Based on its position - the coolest house in summer and warmest in winter beause of the hydronic underfloor heating manifolds.
  • Close Proximity: Ideally located near the kitchen-dining and living room houses for easy access which is ideal for the house owner or property manager.
  • Master Bedroom: Features a spacious 19 square meter master bedroom with an ensuite.
  • Additional Spaces: Includes a wardrobe, laundry room, and an office that can double as a bedroom.
  • Hydronic Underfloor Heating: Ensures warmth throughout, especially in the office/single bedroom.
  • Ornithological Paradise: Wake up to the enchanting songs of various bird species, including Tui Birds.


  • Strategic Location: I designed the house to leverage the cool sea air and natural shelter for natural climate control.
  • Income Potential: Based on my experience, the layout is ideal for the owners or property manager, offering both privacy and accessibility.

Ornithologist Ex-Guest

  • Unique Experience: Based on my stay, the variety of bird songs in the morning adds a magical touch to the serene environment.

Large Family Homes Upgrades:
Helicopter, Pools, Wardrobes, Fitness, Utility Add-Ons

The Bay House stands as a paragon of modern living, embodying the essence of flexible module architecture with a forward-thinking design that anticipates future needs and desires. This architectural marvel is not just a home but a canvas for personalization and growth, thanks to its upgradable orientation. The very foundation of the Bay House is built on the principle of adaptability, ensuring that homeowners can seamlessly integrate new features and technologies as they become available. This approach not only caters to the evolving lifestyle demands of its residents but also underscores a commitment to sustainability and innovation.

Investing in the Bay House offers financial benefits beyond enhancing its living quality. Upgrades can increase the property's value, potentially offer tax benefits, and reduce expenses like utility bills, making it a wise financial decision. These improvements not only elevate the homeowner's experience but also contribute to the home's market appeal.

Key upgrades such as additional solar panels and luxurious amenities like an indoor swimming pool or a state-of-the-art fitness room can significantly impact the property's value and appeal. These enhancements not only promise potential tax benefits and reduced utility costs but also increase the joy and comfort of living in the Bay House, making it a smart investment for the future.

Large family home with upgrade opportunities like helicopter pad, swimming pool, fitness room, gym
  • Potential Indoor Swimming Pool: The initial design includes the possibility of adding an indoor pool, which is advantageous in coastal areas to avoid the need for daily net cleaning.
  • Helicopter Landing Pad Possibility: Space has been reserved for a potential helicopter landing pad, which could enhance exclusivity and convenience.
  • Swimming Pool Heat Pump Option: Installing a heat pump could ensure a comfortable swimming pool temperature throughout the year, utilizing excess solar energy. This pump could also serve as a more economical heating source for the hydronic underfloor heating system, compared to an electric heating element.
  • Fitness Room: The Kitchenette/Living Room in the Seaview Bedroom House could be converted into a fitness room with a sea view, creating a luxurious wellness space.
  • Alternative Fitness Room: The area reserved for a pool could instead be used for a fitness room with a sea view, providing a luxurious wellness space.
  • Wardrobe Expansion Potential: The Garden Bedroom could be transformed into an expansive wardrobe to complement the Master Bedroom.
  • LED Lighting Upgrade Option: Upgrading from Halogen to LED lighting would enhance sustainability and reduce power costs across the property, with the exception of the Living Room, which has already been upgraded.
  • Solar Power Enhancement: The installation of additional solar panels could support an electric car fleet and provide energy for swimming pool heating, reducing grid power dependency.
  • Additional Garage Space: There is potential for extra garage buildings to accommodate an extensive car collection.
  • Smart Atrium Shading Upgrade: A motorized shading system could be installed in the Atrium for improved temperature control and reduced need for cross ventilation.
  • Wine Cellar Upgrade: A small heat pump could be installed in the wine cellar for precise temperature control, should the ground temperature of 16 degrees Celsius not be cool enough for a precious wine collection.
  • Smart Window Motor Upgrades: Existing window motors could be upgraded to smart, weather-responsive operation.
  • Tar Sealing Roundabout: The existing pebble stone garage roundabout area with central drainage sump could be tar-sealed, which would improve the existing irrigation water collection and reduce potential dust transfer into the house.
  • Irrigation System Upgrade: The existing irrigation system could be upgraded to support the planting of fruit trees, vines, or other water-intensive plants instead of native plants.

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Extended Family Home for Sale

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