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Extended Family Homes for Sale Havelock North Region NZ

Imagine a grand home where the vastness of the Havelock North Region's skies meets the serene expanse of the ocean. A place where luxury is not just a statement, but a tangible experience, and where the possibilities are as endless as the horizon. The Bay House, a modern architectural marvel, offers just that--a grandeur that caters to the most discerning tastes, with spaces so expansive they redefine the open concept of a huge home. But what if this home could be more than just a residence? What if it could transform into a sanctuary for your extended family, an exclusive retreat, or even a source of additional income?

Envision hosting and entertain gatherings where every member of your extended family has their own private haven within the grandeur of the Bay House, each space designed with modern architecture that complements the natural beauty of the Havelock North Area. The possibilities are as limitless as the property itself. But there's a question that lingers, a problem that beckons the astute investor--how can one property not only accommodate an extended family but also adapt to a multitude of use cases, all while maintaining the essence of a grand home?

Now, let your imagination wander to the charming and unique Havelock North, a region where luxury houses are cradled by a landscape that whispers of relaxation, family-friendly living, and a lifestyle that balances the quaint charm of boutique shops and coffee places with the sophistication of world-class wineries and fine dining. This is where the Bay House stands, a beacon of modern luxury and a testament to the allure of the coastal area near Havelock North. But what secrets does this property hold that make it not just a grand home, but a living, breathing embodiment of luxury and versatility?


Huge Home for Sale
Over 500m2 Multigenerational Space

Extended Family Homes for Sale in the Havelock North Region are not rare, but only a few boast over 500m2 of multigenerational space, seamlessly blending multiple separate luxurious units with a vast community open plan area. This huge home for sale is designed with an exceptional sea view, ensuring that every moment at home feels like a retreat. Have you ever wondered how it would feel to live in a place where every family member has their own private sanctuary, yet a shared space brings everyone together for memorable gatherings? This property offers just that, with its architectural genius catering to both privacy and community.

The advantage of this unique property lies in its thoughtful design, which includes contemporary style adaptable modules for various use cases and a one-floor layout that ensures ease of movement for all family members. Unlike any other extended family homes for sale in the Havelock North Region, this home is not just about the space; it's about the quality of life it offers. With stunning views designed to maximize the breathtaking valley and oceanfront vistas, and eco-friendly features like solar panels, this home stands out as a beacon of sustainable luxury living. It's a place where every sunrise and sunset can be a shared experience, yet personal space is just a door away.

The benefits of investing in this property extend beyond the walls of this huge home for sale. Living here means being part of a vibrant community, with proximity to beaches and natural attractions that enhance lifestyle quality. The separate units provide additional income through rental opportunities, making this not just a home but a smart investment. Imagine a life where your extended family can thrive together, enjoying both the privacy of luxurious units and the unity of big community open plan areas. This property is not just a house; it's a home for generations to come, offering a blend of privacy, community, and stunning natural beauty.

Requirement Description Benefit

Extended Luxury Family Homes - Specifications

Size Large square footage to accommodate family members comfortably Ensures ample personal space for each family member, enhancing comfort and privacy
Multiple Separate Units Should include guest houses or in-law suites with separate living areas Provides privacy for extended family or guests, while keeping them close
Communal Gathering Space Spacious living rooms, kitchens, and outdoor areas designed for family gatherings Fosters family bonding and accommodates large gatherings comfortably
Separate Entrances Individual entrances for different sections of the home Increases privacy and convenience for multi-generational living
Self-contained Each unit should idealy have its own kitchen or kitchenette, bathroom, and living area Allows for independent living while still being close to family
Building Specifications High standards for acoustic insulation, energy efficiency, and safety features Enhances living comfort, reduces environmental impact, and ensures safety
Airport/Transport Beeing connected to the world makes it easier to come together Easy and convienent access to the area allows for easier meetings
Regional Attractions Located near cultural, natural, and recreational attractions Enriches family life with diverse activities and experiences
Luxury home for sale in Havelock North New Zealand with unmatchable waterfront view.
Luxury home for sale in Waimarama
Experience panoramic sea views in a modern coastal living space
  • Multiple Separate Luxurious Units: Ideal for extended families, offering individual privacy and comfort.
  • Big Community Open Plan Area: Central gathering space for family activities and entertainment.
  • Architectural Design: Contemporary style with adaptable modules for various use cases.
  • Accessibility: One-floor design ensures ease of movement for all family members.
  • Living Areas: Multiple zones including kitchens and lounges cater to different family needs.
  • Stunning Views: Designed to maximize the breathtaking valley and oceanfront vistas.
  • Income Potential: Separate units can provide additional income through rental opportunities.
  • Eco-Friendly Features: Solar panels and sustainable design elements for energy efficiency.
  • Location Perks: Proximity to beaches and natural attractions enhances lifestyle quality.
  • Investment Value: A unique property that offers both a luxurious home and potential revenue.

Family Counselor

  • Designing for Harmony: Incorporating separate living units fosters family unity while respecting individual space.
  • Community Spaces: I've found that large open-plan areas are essential for family bonding and hosting gatherings.
  • Privacy Considerations: I've advised architects to ensure private retreats within the home to cater to the needs of different generations.

Elder Care Specialist

  • Accessibility Features: I've recommended single-story designs to facilitate mobility for all family members.
  • Safe and Secure: Based on my experience, it's crucial to integrate safety features into the home design for elder care.


  • Flexible Design: I designed modules for different use cases, ensuring the home is highly adaptable to changing family dynamics.
  • Accessibility Focus: I prioritized a one-floor layout to accommodate ease of access throughout the property.
  • Community and Privacy: I created multiple living areas, kitchens, and separate units, all oriented to capture the stunning views.

Grand House for Sale
Modern Luxury Architecture

The Grand House for Sale, nestled atop a hill in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand, is a testament to modern luxury architecture. This unique property boasts a fully furnished, architecturally contemporary home with a 270-degree east coast million-dollar ocean view. Imagine waking up every day to panoramic views of Waimarama Beach, Bare Island, and Mahia, all from the comfort of your home. The property features underfloor heating in 33 zones, extensive built-in furniture, a wine storage room, and a chef-designed semi-professional kitchen, making it a haven for both relaxation and entertainment.

The advantage of this grand house lies in its thoughtful design and location. Perched 192 meters above sea level, it offers unparalleled views and privacy. The property includes a glass-roofed atrium, large German panorama double-glazed windows, and a 382 square meter deck area, enhancing the indoor-outdoor flow. Its unique architectural elements, like the infinity water feature with a glass walkway and the separate guest house, set it apart from other luxury homes. The use of Hebel blocks for construction not only ensures durability but also superior thermal and acoustic properties, making this house a masterpiece of modern engineering and design.

The benefits of owning this grand house extend beyond its luxurious features and breathtaking views. Its location in Hawkes Bay, just 20 minutes from Havelock North, offers a perfect blend of seclusion and accessibility. The property's design promotes a lifestyle of comfort, privacy, and connection with nature, making it an ideal retreat for those seeking tranquility or an opportunity to entertain guests in a spectacular setting. Additionally, the potential for additional income through the self-contained granny flat or the Seaview bedroom house adds a practical advantage to this exquisite property.

Grand Description Benefit

Grand House for Sale - What concerned Buyers find in the Bay House?

Architectural Design Unique contemporary, modern house design on a hilltop with a 270-degree east coast ocean view Aesthetic appeal and panoramic views enhancing the living experience
Luxury Space 1.5 ha lifestyle block with multiple living areas and separate guest accommodations Ample space for privacy, entertainment, and potential for additional income
High-Quality Windows Large 9m span German Panorama double glazed windows Superior insulation and breathtaking views
Underfloor Heating Underfloor heating in 33 zones for consistent and efficient warmth Comfort and energy efficiency
Eco-Friendly Features Solar panels with 1500 Liter hot water storage and German hydronic underfloor heating system Sustainable living with reduced environmental impact
Interior Design European Mediterranean interior design with extensive built-in furniture and storage Elegant living spaces with ample storage
Outdoor Living 382 square meters deck with an infinity water feature and glass walkway Seamless indoor/outdoor flow for entertainment and relaxation
Discover the pinnacle of luxury coastal real estate investment in Hawkes Bay, NZ
Luxury home with Atrium for sale in Havelock North
  • Stunning Location: Perched 192 meters above sea level, this grand house offers extensive waterfront views.
  • Spacious Interiors: Six bedrooms and five bathrooms accommodate a large family or guests with ease.
  • Modern Luxury Architecture: A contemporary design with a glass-roofed atrium and panoramic windows.
  • Expansive Deck: A 382 square meter deck area perfect for outdoor living and entertainment.
  • Separate Living Quarters: Includes a self-contained granny flat and a separate guest house.
  • Additional Income: Potential to generate revenue from the self-contained living areas.
  • Underfloor Heating: Equipped with a German hydronic system for comfort in 33 zones.
  • European Design Elements: Features European Mediterranean interior design and German glazing.
  • Exceptional Views: Enjoy a 270+ degree hilltop oceanfront and countryside view.
  • Quality Construction: Built with Hebel blocks for superior thermal and acoustic properties.


  • Design Philosophy: I aimed to create a space that harmonizes with its coastal environment while maximizing the stunning ocean views.
  • Structural Integrity: I focused on durability, using Hebel blocks for a solid, long-lasting build.
  • Thermal Efficiency: The design incorporates passive solar elements and underfloor heating for a comfortable living environment.

Interior Designer

  • Color Palette: I selected hues that reflect the sea and sky, creating a serene and inviting atmosphere.
  • Functional Elegance: I ensured that each space was both beautiful and practical, with built-in storage and luxury finishes.
  • Custom Features: From the wine storage room to the chef-designed kitchen, every detail was crafted for an exceptional living experience.

Luxury Real Estate
In Havelock North Area

Luxury Real Estate near Havelock North presents an extraordinary opportunity to experience the pinnacle of coastal living with the Bay House. This unique contemporary, modern house design, perched on a 1.5 ha lifestyle block above Waimarama Beach, offers breathtaking 270-degree east coast ocean views. Architectural excellence is evident in every detail, from the large 9m span German Panorama double-glazed windows to the glass-roofed atrium and infinity water feature, ensuring a luxurious and modern living environment. With 6 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms, including a self-contained granny flat and a separate guest house, this property is the epitome of spacious and versatile accommodation, ideal for a big family or hosting guests.

The advantages of this luxury real estate near Havelock North are manifold, setting it apart as a truly unique offering. The property's eco-friendly design features solar panels with 1500 Liter hot water storage and a German hydronic underfloor heating system, highlighting a commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency. The 382 square meters deck area and proximity to Waimarama Beach offer unparalleled outdoor living opportunities, from relaxing on the deck to enjoying water activities at the beach. Moreover, the separate granny flat and guest house provide potential for additional income through luxury accommodations, making this not just a home but also a wise investment.

The benefits of owning this luxury real estate near Havelock North extend beyond the property's boundaries. Located just 20 minutes from the charming village of Havelock North, residents can enjoy the best of both worlds: the tranquility and privacy of coastal living with easy access to the village's boutique shopping, dining, and vibrant arts scene. Havelock North's proximity to natural attractions, renowned wineries, and recreational activities enhances the coastal lifestyle experience, making it an ideal location for those seeking luxury, comfort, and a community-oriented lifestyle. This property offers not just a home, but a lifestyle that balances relaxation with recreational activities, catering to a wide range of interests and needs.

Lifestyle Option Description Benefit

Luxury Real Estate Havelock North - Luxury Lifestyle?

Charming Village Atmosphere Havelock North is known for its natural charm, with tree-lined streets and a thriving arts community. Offers a peaceful and culturally rich environment.
Boutique Shopping and Dining The village provides a variety of boutique shops, cafés, restaurants, and specialty food stores. Perfect for those who appreciate unique shopping and dining experiences.
Accommodation Variety From luxury retreats to homestyle B&Bs, Havelock North offers a range of quality accommodation options. Caters to different preferences and budgets.
Cultural and Artistic Hub The town is home to a vibrant arts scene. Attractive location for those interested in art and culture.
Proximity to Natural Attractions Minutes away from Te Mata Peak, offering panoramic views and outdoor activities. Enables walking, mountain biking, and enjoyment of the outdoors.
Wine Country Access Serves as a base for exploring the Tukituki River valley and is close to renowned wineries and restaurants. Appealing to wine enthusiasts and gourmets.
Residential Appeal Considered one of the more desirable places to live in Hawke's Bay, with leafy streets and historic homes. Adds to the overall appeal of the area.
Educational Opportunities The area boasts high academic standards with a good network of quality care medical facilities. Suitable for families looking for educational and medical excellence.
Community and Safety Described as friendly and safe, with a laid-back lifestyle compared to larger cities. Attracts those looking for a secure and community-oriented place to live.
Lifestyle and Recreation Access to cycling trails, golf courses, and beaches. Offers a lifestyle that balances relaxation with recreational activities.
Luxury real estate for sale in Havelock North
Luxury house for sale in Havelock North with guest accommodation
  • Unmatched Location: Nestled above Waimarama Beach, this luxury estate epitomizes coastal living with 270-degree ocean views.
  • Architectural Marvel: The Bay House showcases large German Panorama windows and a glass-roofed atrium for a light-filled ambiance.
  • Generous Space: Six bedrooms and five bathrooms, including separate accommodations, offer versatility for family and guests.
  • Entertainment Ready: A semi-professional kitchen and wine room cater to culinary enthusiasts and social gatherings.
  • Outdoor Oasis: A vast deck area invites relaxation and entertainment steps away from beach activities.
  • Investment Potential: Additional dwellings on the property present opportunities for luxury rental income.
  • Sustainable Living: Solar panels and a German hydronic heating system highlight the property's eco-conscious design.
  • Secluded Sanctuary: Enjoy the exclusivity of no direct neighbors and uninterrupted views, just 20 minutes from Havelock North.
  • Nature and Adventure: Proximity to beaches and Te Mata Peak offers a lifestyle rich in outdoor activities.
  • Village Charm: Havelock North's vibrant arts scene, boutique shopping, and wine country access provide cultural and leisurely pursuits.

Relocation Specialist/Buyer Agent

  • Multiple Use Cases: I ensure clients are aware of the dual appeal of this property, combining Havelock North's luxury amenities with coastal exclusivity.

Private Relocation Specialist

  • Big Picture Perspective: I consider family needs and aspirations, balancing educational proximity with the dream of owning a special coastal retreat.

Large Multi Family Property
Separate self-contained connected Houses

Large Multi Family Home Owners face a unique opportunity in Havelock North, where luxury properties not only offer expansive living spaces but also proximity to exceptional educational institutions. Have you considered the impact of your home's location on your family's educational and career development? This property, close to Havelock North, ensures that your family has access to quality education from primary to tertiary levels, thanks to convenient airport connections for university cities.

The advantage of choosing this property extends beyond its luxurious amenities and stunning views. It's about the lifestyle and opportunities it presents. Havelock North is a community where safety, cultural richness, and a thriving local economy blend seamlessly. With sectors like agriculture, wine production, and tourism, the area offers diverse employment opportunities. This property is not just a home; it's a gateway to a balanced life where career, education, and leisure converge in a community known for its safety and friendly locals.

The benefits of residing in this large multi-family property in Havelock North are manifold. Imagine living in a place where your children's education is secured, your career prospects are bright, and your lifestyle is enriched by cultural and recreational activities. From the nearby family-friendly attractions and beaches to the cultural sites like Otatara Pā, your family will thrive in an environment that promotes a healthy lifestyle and connection to nature. This property doesn't just offer a home; it offers a future where every family member can grow, learn, and belong.

Topic Descriptions Benefits

Why is the Hawkes Bay Region around Havelock North, Hastings & Napier a good Region for Families?

Educational Opportunities Proximity to exceptional educational institutions in Havelock North and convenient airport connections for university cities. Access to quality education from primary to tertiary levels, facilitating academic and career development for young family members.
Cultural and Recreational Activities Diverse range of experiences including family-friendly attractions, beaches, parks, and cultural sites like Otatara Pā. Supports cultural intelligence and balanced development by offering a mix of urban and nature-based activities without the drawbacks of big city living.
Community and Safety A close-knit community atmosphere in towns like Havelock North, Hastings, and Napier, known for their safety and friendly locals. Provides a secure environment for families, fostering social connections and a sense of belonging.
Natural Environment Rich natural landscapes including beaches, trails, and reserves, offering ample outdoor exploration and leisure opportunities. Promotes a healthy lifestyle and connection to nature, beneficial for physical and mental well-being.
Local Economy and Employment A growing economy with sectors like agriculture, wine production, and tourism offering diverse employment opportunities. Economic stability and job prospects for parents, contributing to family security and well-being.
luxury beach home for sale in New Zealand, above Waimarama Beach
large family home for sale in Havelock North
Granny Flat Water Feature
Granny Flat Kitchen
Granny Flat Living Room
Granny Flat Master Bedroom
Granny Flat Ensuite
Granny Flat Second Bedroom
  • Expansive Living: With six bedrooms and five bathrooms, this property offers ample space for a large family or hosting guests.
  • Architectural Marvel: A contemporary design with a glass-roofed atrium and panoramic windows captures the essence of coastal luxury.
  • Privacy and Independence: Features a self-contained granny flat and separate guest house, ensuring privacy for all residents.
  • Income Potential: The granny flat and Seaview bedroom house offer opportunities for rental income, enhancing the property's value.
  • Stunning Views: Perched on a hilltop, the property boasts a 270-degree oceanfront view, providing a serene backdrop.
  • Superior Comfort: Underfloor heating across 33 zones and extensive built-in storage ensure a comfortable and organized living space.
  • Educational Access: Proximity to Havelock North allows for easy access to top educational facilities and universities.
  • Cultural Richness: Hawkes Bay offers a balanced lifestyle with cultural experiences suitable for young family members.
  • Environmental Consideration: Elevated above potential sea level rise, the property offers both safety and health benefits of coastal living.
  • Entertainment Ready: An open-plan gourmet kitchen and large deck area are perfect for hosting and enjoying the coastal ambiance.

Educational Consultant:

  • Academic Opportunities: I appreciate the property's close proximity to Havelock North, providing families with access to exceptional educational institutions and the convenience of nearby airport connections to university cities.

Cultural Intelligence Consultant:

  • Life Balance: I admire Hawkes Bay for its ability to offer a diverse range of experiences that cater to the developmental needs of young family members, all while maintaining a safe distance from the hustle and bustle of larger cities.

Boutique Village Havelock North
Large Luxury Houses for sale

Large Luxury Houses for sale are not uncommon in Havelock North, but finding one that encapsulates the essence of this charming village atmosphere is a rare opportunity. Nestled within the picturesque landscape, these luxury properties for sale in Havelock North offer more than just a home; they provide an experience. With tree-lined streets, a thriving arts community, and proximity to Te Mata Peak, these residences are perfect for those who seek a culturally rich and naturally beautiful environment.

The advantage of choosing luxury real estate in Havelock North lies in the unique blend of lifestyle and convenience. Imagine living just a stone's throw away from boutique shopping, exquisite dining, and some of New Zealand's finest wineries. This isn't just a place to live; it's a gateway to a lifestyle coveted by many but attained by few. The residential appeal of Havelock North, with its leafy streets and historic homes, is complemented by a community that values safety, education, and a high quality of life, making it an unparalleled choice for discerning buyers.

The benefits of investing in a luxury property here extend beyond the tangible. It's about becoming part of a community that enjoys a laid-back lifestyle, with access to cycling trails, golf courses, and beaches, ensuring a perfect balance between relaxation and activity. For families, the educational opportunities and quality medical care facilities underscore a commitment to well-being and future growth. In Havelock North, luxury is not just a statement—it's a promise of a life well-lived, surrounded by natural beauty and cultural richness.

Havelock North village North Island New Zeland
Best investment property New Zealand

Location Scout - Relocation Specialist:

  • Scenic Splendor: Havelock North offers a picturesque setting with its proximity to stunning beaches and coastal properties.
  • Community Vibe: The village atmosphere is complemented by boutique shops, cafes, and a vibrant community spirit.
  • Architectural Marvels: Large luxury houses for sale in Havelock North are designed to impress, with modern amenities and elegant finishes.
  • Investment Hotspot: The area's growth and desirability make it a smart choice for property investors seeking long-term value.
  • Outdoor Lifestyle: Residents enjoy outdoor activities, from wine tours to hiking Te Mata Peak, ensuring a balanced lifestyle.
  • Education Excellence: The region boasts top-notch educational facilities, ideal for families prioritizing quality schooling.
  • Wine Country Proximity: Nestled among renowned wineries, Havelock North is perfect for oenophiles and epicureans alike.
  • Beach Access: With Waimarama Beach just a short drive away, the allure of sun, surf, and sand is ever-present.
  • Property Diversity: From coastal retreats to countryside estates, the real estate market caters to a range of preferences.
  • Robust Market: The steady demand for high-end properties in Havelock North signals a healthy real estate environment.

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Luxury Homes in Havelock North New Zealand

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