Modern house with Atrium in the middle for passive design

Houses with a passive solar Atrium for sale in New Zealand are scarce.  Bay House combined eco-friendly goals with design to achieve unique indoor-outdoor living.


Luxury House with an Atrium 
for sale in Hawkes Bay

The Atrium of Bay-House is an ample skylight-covered space surrounded by three houses and a walkway.

It is all about bringing the outside into the house

Light, greenery and colour, together with sea views and views into the hills and the valley, create a new, not yet experienced way of connecting a house interior with the exterior.

luxury home for sale with conservatory in the middle
Spaceous luxury house with view on to rolling hills

The idea of an Atrium is a very old one. Romans already knew of the advantages of inner court gardens and their positive impacts. 

You can find Atriums in modern and contemporary buildings and homes, but they are more common in big public designs. When homeowners desire to have a sheltered outdoor space where they can spend time, grow vulnerable or tropical plants, be warm and wind-protected, an attached Winter Garden or Conservatory would be an alternative to an Atrium. A Winter Garden would be attached to a house where an Atrium is often part of a house.

Luxury home with vast Atrium Greenhouse centrepiece

Entertainment starts in the Atrium 
Magical at sunset or at night

Dinner parties in the Bay House are most often 3 stage events.

Aperitif is either on the deck or in the Atrium.

Dinner in the entertaining open kitchen/dining house and coffee or tea in the most comfortable Living Room House.

Atrium interior with special light atmosphere
Luxury home for sale by Christmas

Virtual Tour - Luxury House for Sale  
Watch the coastal lifestyle video and more of this property   

The following videos have been provided by the present owners with the intention to give future owners a view of this luxury home the way they experienced it in the last 9 years.

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Aerial Video

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Luxury Garage

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Built-In Extras

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Coastal Lifestyle

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Walk at the Beach

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Seaside Golf

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Gannets Neighborhood

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Family Celebration

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Dramatic Scenery

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Cleaning Bay House

Indoor and Outdoor Flow   
from the Atrium 

Three double French doors open wide up in three directions to allow seamless indoor and outdoor flow.

All exterior doors are steel frame reinforced. The french doors have no keys, the locking system is an internal knob. Key entrance points are the main entrance/carport doors and the two separate guest houses.

65 Timoti Road never had any security issues. The fact that 65 is at the very end of the road provides very welcomed undisturbed privacy.

Luxury mansion for sale with double french doors
luxury coastal property with German engineered PVC French Doors

All external doors in the Bay House are keyless on the inside and can easily be open with a turn knob.

Luxury home with multi look security system for sale

The doors are multi-point looked. Routine closure of the door would close the door as expected. An additional turn of the door handle upwards will multi look the door into the door frame and provide more air tightness and security.

Water Feature 
for added moisture

The Atrium has a water feature to add moisture to the air and calming sound to the room. A main circulating line pumps water from the irrigation tanks (45'000 Liter) to a 12 zone manifold. The Atrium is zone 5.

Luxury Real estate for sale with indoor water channel feature

A water channel crosses the Atrium and can play for the little ones or display floating candles at night.

Greenhouse with water feature

The image below shows LED lights in each tongue and groove panel. This light feature turns automatically on when movement in the Atrium area is detected, or it can be switched off or manually on.

Winter Garden decor design

Interior Design 
Modern Glasshouse for sale 

The Swiss designed and Swiss-made 50mm thick Acrylic table sits on four marble stone balls. It's made for transparency and is a perfect fit for above the water channel and the Atrium.

Acrylic coffee table over water feature in conservatory

Luxury modern Passive House Design 
with Atrium in the middle for solar heat gain 

The Ministry for the Environment published in December 2008 the "Passive Solar Design Guidance."

That Guide helped to establish a passive solar design for the Atrium.

The insulated thick concrete floor with dark tiles from the Atrium absorbs solar energy and stores it in the thermal mass of the floor.


The guidance says - Quote:
"Thermal mass stores heat when there is an excess of passive solar energy and/or internal gains in a building and releases the stored heat as the building starts to cool down. Mass also reduces the swings in peak temperature. For this reason, thermal mass is often required in a passive solar building to bring the temperature variations within acceptable limits and/or reduce the peak cooling loads. "

luxury home with passiv solar design for Atrium

Atrium is a Luxury with many Benefits 
but it has its price! 

An Atrium is a luxury. It can bring so many benefits, unfortunately for a hefty price.

Expensive to build with the need for structural engineering and special roof glazing but well worth it.

Steel framing construction for Atrium or Winter Garden

During the first stage of a building, an Atrium adds complexity and high costs and slows the building process down.

Carefully and thoroughly planning is crucial. 

  • The position to the sun
  • The situation in the entire building positively contribute to the performance of the building
  • How to incorporate the surrounding views into the design?
  • How to make it structurally safe
  • How to make it 100% weathertight, including avoiding thermal bridges and heat lost
  • How to control the air with ventilation?
  • What do plants need?
  • How to heat or cool an Atrium?
  • Do I need sound?
  • What about water and power?
  • How is the interior design once the Atrium is built?

The list is probably longer, but it already shows why an Atrium can be nice to have, but it's not as easy as expanding a house with an extra eighty square meters.

Atrium Glazing System  
German GUTMANN Lara System 

The skylight in the Atrium is double glazing with thermally broken Aluminium frames made by the German company GUTMANN. Their Atrium glazing system stands for airtightness, excellent insulation and resistance to heavy rain.

Window Motors 
Atrium with natural cross ventilation 

Natural and eco-friendly cross ventilation is a very important topic in the Bay House. Electric window motors are partnered with nature. Mother nature provides often a welcomed sea breeze to exchange hot raising air with cooler sea air. The motors are manually switched on/off from many rooms in the entire building.

All 8 Atrium window motors have been replaced in January 2022

A German-trained contractor did install the new Aumueller window motors. The new motors can not use the existing installation method. Signs of the old installation will be covered as good as possible but will always be visible to some degree.

German Aumueller window motors

Future Proof House 
Have more options

You could install chandeliers in the centre of the Atrium. Three removable post caps allow access to a power cable which is available in the Atrium switchboard.

A wireless motorised shading solution could perhaps use the same installation (3 wire cable).

Future proof for additional features like shading blinds
Solar control panel distribution board