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"The Bay House": A Coastal Real Estate for Sale in Hawkes Bay North Island NZ

Imagine waking up to the gentle sound of waves, the air infused with the scent of the ocean, and the horizon stretching infinitely before you. Now, picture this as your daily reality at the Bay House, perched majestically above Waimarama Beach. But what if there was a way to not just live by the sea, but to harness its power for your home?

Consider the possibility of a home where the boundaries between the indoors and the vast expanse of the ocean blur, where every window is a living painting of the ever-changing sea. The Bay House offers a unique coastal living experience, but it also poses a question: How can you live luxuriously by the coast and still be eco-conscious?

There's a hidden feature at the Bay House that offers a solution, a seamless blend of luxury and sustainability that few properties can match. This feature not only elevates your living experience but also aligns with the growing desire for eco-friendly opulence. What could this feature be, and how does it redefine coastal living for the discerning buyer?

"Bay House" The Coastal Property for Sale: 
Coastal Architecture Masterpiece in Hawkes Bay NZ

Situated 192 meters above the shimmering Waimarama Beach, this coastal property for sale is more than a residence—it's a haven. Envision living with endless ocean views from a modern coastal home, safeguarded against the elements. This luxurious coastal villa, nestled in the peaceful Hawkes Bay, marries eco-friendliness like water features and solar panels with a coastal design that complements its natural setting.

This property stands out for its blend of security, luxury, and environmental sensitivity. Perched high above potential threats, its coastal architecture not only delights the eye but also respects the planet, thanks to energy-efficient solar panels. It represents not just a luxury coastal home for sale but a commitment to a lifestyle that's both indulgent and responsible, set against a backdrop of unparalleled beauty and calm.

Living here means adopting a lifestyle defined by privacy, open-air enjoyment, and the freedom to engage in high-end leisure or adventure at a whim. It embodies the essence of coastal design ideas, offering a unique opportunity to invest in a coastal lifestyle that's celebrated for its perfect mix of leisure, luxury, and harmony with nature. This coastal mansion, with its thoughtful coastal house plan, stands as a testament to a life well-lived by the sea.

Design Element Bay House Coastal Architecture Adaption

Bay House Coastal Architecture Adaptations

Elevated Foundations Built on a hilltop 192 meters above sea level for expansive ocean views and protection from sea level rise
Natural Ventilation Systems While the large German Panorama windows offer an aesthetic appeal and potential for natural light, the main feature for cross-ventilation and efficient cooling lies in the top row windows. These feature motorized openings on both sides of the house. When opened, they create a controlled cross-ventilation system that draws in fresh air and expels warmer air, without the need for drafts or the environmental impact of relying on air conditioning. This innovative design fosters a more pleasant and sustainable coastal living experience.
Durable Materials Hebel House construction with superior thermal and acoustic properties, and robust, weather-resistant surfaces
Large Windows 325m2 glazing area for panoramic views, maximizing integration with coastal scenery
Sloped Roofs 5-degree flying roof design for high performance and rainwater drainage
Outdoor Living Spaces 382 square meters deck area for extensive outdoor living and connection with the outdoors
Retractable Walls Open plan modern coastal living room with an area of 72m2, extended by 9m panorama windows for flexible living spaces
Sustainable Materials Solar panels with 1500 Liter hot water storage for renewable energy use
Native Plant Landscaping Landscaping with native plants for biodiversity preservation and supporting local ecosystems
Solar Panels 90 solar tubes for hot water, saving approximately 7800 kWh per annum
Water Collection Systems 5x 22,700 Liter underground tanks for rainwater harvesting and irrigation
Thermal Mass Construction While Hebel blocks and the concrete slab with underfloor heating contribute to temperature regulation, the true star of the show is the passive heating system incorporated into the atrium and walkway. The combination of the exposed concrete slab and dark tiles acts as a massive heat sink. During the day, this efficiently absorbs solar energy. As the sun sets, the stored heat is gradually released into the adjoining open-plan kitchen and modern coastal living room, creating a warm and comfortable ambiance throughout the evening. This innovative design leverages natural elements to provide sustainable and energy-saving temperature control, enhancing your coastal living experience.
Windbreaks The house and deck areas are positioned thoughtfully to capitalize on natural wind barriers and provide multiple sheltered options in various wind conditions. The house's Hebel construction and high-quality windows further reduce wind noise and drafts.
Decking Materials Extensive decking for outdoor entertainment and durability in coastal weather conditions
Insulation 140mm rigid polystyrene roof insulation and double glazing for energy conservation
Color Schemes European Mediterranean interior design reflecting the colors of the sea and sky
This coastal haven, nestled high above Waimarama Beach, offers a lifestyle of unparalleled tranquility and opulence. The waterfront property is for sale.
Coastal house for sale with beachfront view in New Zealand
Discover a unique contemporary modern house with panoramic ocean views, open-plan living, and sustainable design.
Experience panoramic sea views in a modern coastal living space
  • Unrivaled Location: Perched safely above Waimarama Beach, this property offers both security and spectacular views, making it a standout in the coastal community.
  • Seamless Design: Architecture that harmonizes with the natural landscape, enhancing the coastal living experience in these sought-after coastal areas.
  • Leisure and Luxury: A serene environment perfect for relaxation and high-end leisure activities.
  • Outdoor Living: Expansive outdoor spaces ideal for soaking up the sun and entertaining guests.
  • Privacy Guaranteed: A secluded haven with no immediate neighbors, ideal for those seeking solitude.
  • Adventure Ready: Proximity to outdoor activities like surfing and hiking, catering to the adventurous spirit.
  • Tsunami Safe: Elevated at 197 meters, providing peace of mind against natural coastal threats.
  • Investment Opportunity: A unique chance to own a piece of New Zealand's stunning coastal real estate, a real coastal mansion.
  • Turnkey Ready: A well-maintained property, comes fully furnished that is ready to welcome you to your new coastal dream.
  • Architectural Marvel: A contemporary design that captures the essence of coastal living with expansive ocean views.
  • Design Aesthetics: The interplay of form and function in creating a stunning coastal home.
  • Self-Sufficient Suites: Includes a granny flat, and guest house, each offering privacy and comfort.
  • Coastal Resilience: Structures designed to embrace and withstand the unique challenges of seaside living.
  • Hebel Blocks: A European-inspired choice for durability and thermal efficiency in construction.
  • Concrete Ring Beam: A critical component transferring roof loads securely to the foundation.
  • Thermal Isolation: Enhanced comfort with 200mm thick Hebel blocks and panels insulating the reinforced concrete ring beam.
  • Structural Engineering: Deep reinforced footings anchor the home firmly against coastal forces.
  • Water Conservation: A self-sufficient rainwater system ensures sustainability and autonomy.
  • Environmental Considerations: Mindful placement and materials selection to harmonize with the coastal ecosystem.
  • Future-Proofing: Building with an eye towards longevity and changing climate conditions.
  • Site-Specific Design: Tailoring architecture to the unique contours and views of the coastal landscape.


Tony Butcher TBA Architectural Designer:

  • Design Philosophy: I aimed to create a space that harmonizes with its coastal surroundings while providing a luxurious living experience.
  • Material Selection: I chose Hebel blocks for their strength, acoustic and insulation properties, ideal for coastal climates.
  • Visual Impact: The panoramic glazing system was a key element in ensuring that the stunning views became a central feature of the home.

LHTDesign Structural Engineering Hawkes Bay:

  • Engineering Solutions: We've designed deep footings and a continuous ring beam to ensure stability against coastal elements.
  • Structural Integrity: Our focus was on a foundation that could withstand the coastal environment while providing a sense of permanence and safety.
  • Innovative Solutions: We incorporated advanced engineering techniques to support the extensive glazing and open design concept.

Coastal Luxury Property Real Estate Specialist

  • Expert Insights: I've seen many properties, but this coastal mansion truly stands out with its combination of luxury and location.

Paparazzi-Proof Property Scout (Ex Bay House Guest)

  • Secluded Splendor: I liked this property for its exceptional privacy and understatement entrance beeing the last, slightly hidden property in the development, making it a very good celebrity retreat.

Sun, Sand & Surf Seeker (NZ)

  • Beachfront Bliss: Based on my experience, this property offers the ultimate lifestyle for those who love the ocean and outdoor activities.
  • Waimarama Wonders: For Sun, Sand & Surf Seekers like me, Waimarama Beach offers a charming escape. While the surf might not be consistently epic, the beach provides fun waves when conditions come together and is perfect for soaking up the sun and exploring the coastline.
  • Safe Shores during holiday season: The safety measures in place, including surf lifesaving patrols during the holiday seasons, ensure a secure environment for families and individuals to enjoy the beach's natural beauty.

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Modern Coastal Bedrooms: 
In a 5 Bed House for Sale New Zealand

Embracing modern coastal bedroom ideas, this 5 bed house for sale is a testament to design ingenuity, merging with its natural surroundings to provide uninterrupted vistas and utmost privacy. The vast deck, an entertainer's dream, elevates the property, infusing luxury with a relaxed coastal essence. Nestled amidst nature, the home stands as a secluded sanctuary, where the rhythmic ocean waves offer a unique tranquility, marking it as a coveted treasure in the luxury real estate sphere.

The 6 or 5 bedroom house combines the 16/8 living/resting design principle with architectural flexibility, ensuring every square meter of space is optimized for both active living and restful privacy. Features like three Master Bedrooms cater to the needs of large or multi-generational families, while additional options such as a nanny suite or house with Inlaw Suite, and a detached guest house, provide versatile living arrangements.

Attention to detail is evident in the custom internal doors and the use of Hebel material walls for enhanced insulation and fire resistance. Safety is paramount, with keyless emergency exits and well-thought-out escape routes, ensuring peace of mind. Moreover, this home is designed to be safe and elevated, minimizing flood & tsunami risks and maximizing views. Accessibility is also a key consideration, with features like wheelchair access making this home inclusive for everyone.

Experience panoramic sea views in a modern coastal living space
Discover unparalleled privacy and views with this luxury coastal home in New Zealand.
  • Stunning Location: Rising above pristine Waimarama Beach, this home sits like a precious jewel in Hawkes Bay.
  • Design Excellence: The home's design maximizes views and harmonizes with its coastal surroundings.
  • View from Every Room: The strategic layout ensures the ocean is the backdrop to your daily life.
  • Tranquil Privacy: Surrounded by nature, residents enjoy a secluded retreat with the soothing sounds of the ocean.
  • Coastal Climate: Experience cooler summers and warmer winters with a gentle, refreshing breeze year-round.
  • Seaside Serenity: The sensory experience of hearing and smelling the sea creates an idyllic coastal ambiance.
  • Sustainable Design: Eco-friendly features for energy efficiency and lower carbon footprint.
  • 16/8 Living/Resting Design Principle: Perfect balance between active and restful spaces.
  • Architectural Flexibility: Adaptable layouts to suit changing family needs.
  • Space Optimization: Intelligent use of space for maximum functionality.
  • Three Master Suites: Luxurious privacy for homeowners and guests alike.
  • Nanny Suite or Inlaw Suite: Convenient living solutions for extended family or staff.
  • Granny Flat/Separate Guesthouse: Independent living space for elderly family members, friends or guests. Possible Income Source.
  • Wardrobe: Spacious storage solution for clutter-free living.
  • Custom Internal Doors: Heavy white timer door made for noise reduction, insulation and draft resistance that add character and style.
  • Escape Routes: Well-planned exits for emergency situations.
  • Keyless Emergency Exits: Modern technology for quick and safe evacuation.
  • Safe and Elevated: Elevated structures for flood prevention and enhanced views.
  • Wheelchair Accessible: Inclusive design for mobility-impaired individuals.


Luxury Real Estate Agent

  • Market Rarity: Coastal properties like this are a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, appealing to the most discerning buyers seeking exclusivity and elegance.
  • Exceptional Investment: With its unique location and superior design, this home is poised for significant value growth in the luxury real estate market.
  • Global Appeal: This coastal gem will attract interest from around the world, offering a lifestyle that's both luxurious and laid-back.

Financial Advisor

  • Long-Term Gain: Based on real estate market trends, I foresee the property's value potentially could doubling over the next one or two decades, offering significant capital appreciation.
  • Exclusive Market: Properties like this are rare, and their scarcity can drive up value, making them a wise investment choice.
  • Retirement Haven: Investing in such a property could secure a luxurious retirement lifestyle, with the added benefit of a robust longterm investment portfolio.


  • Harmonious Design: I designed this space to offer a seamless flow between the indoors and the vast deck, ensuring the ocean is always in view.
  • Maximized Views: Every aspect of the home, especially the coastal kitchen, is oriented to capture the breathtaking coastal panorama.
  • Privacy Consideration: The unique location and design provide an unparalleled level of privacy, a luxury in itself.

5 Contemporary Coastal Bathrooms: 
A glimps into New Zealand's coastal real estate

The property boasts three master bedroom ensuites with expansive luxury bathroom floor plans, including fancy bathtubs and walk-in luxury rain showers, all complemented by breathtaking sea views. Private living quarters, including a guest house and granny flat, offer both privacy and rental possibilities. Surrounded by natural beauty, the Bay House stands as a sanctuary, offering a blend of luxury, sustainability, and peace, with every detail designed to promote well-being and a daily spa-like experience.

Perched above the sea, the Bay House redefines luxury with its modern coastal bathroom ideas, blending tranquility and opulence in New Zealand's sought-after real estate scene.

The allure of the Bay House stems from its synthesis of high-end amenities, technological sophistication, and resilient construction. Its design, featuring Hebel block construction, ensures durability against environmental elements, while its elevated position maximizes stunning ocean views, marking it as a top-tier coastal investment. The property shines with its potential

  • 3 Master Bedrooms Ensuites: Featuring two double baths, walk-in rain showers, and double Kohler basins.
  • Large Double Baths: Two ensuites with baths positioned to overlook the ocean.
  • Walk-in Shower: Luxurious rain shower feature in all bathrooms.
  • Spacious Layout: Open design promoting a sense of tranquility and freedom.
  • Sea Views: Stunning views through large windows in master bathrooms.
  • Italian Marble Style Tiles: 2m high polished wall tiles for an opulent finish.
  • Illuminated Shower Wall: Enhancing the serene atmosphere with softly lit designs.
  • Professional Designed Lighting: Precision mirror lighting for flawless grooming.
  • Mirror Heating: Advanced technology to maintain a clear reflection.
  • Miele Towel Warmer Drawer: Adding a touch of luxury to two master ensuites.
  • Villeroy & Boch Wall Hung Toilets: Sleek exclusive european design adding a touch of luxury.
  • TV's in Bathrooms: Entertainment while unwinding in two master ensuites.
  • One Accessible Bathroom: Fully equipped for wheelchair access.
  • Hydronic Underfloor Heating:  2400 meter total lengtht of underfloor heating pipes 100 mm spaced a part for the best luxurious heating system available.
  • Top Motorized Windows: Ensuring efficient bathroom sustainable cross ventilation.

Modern Coastal Living Room: 
With Open Plan Atrium

Discover the elegance of the modern coastal living room, where architectural harmony meets coastal chic. This space isn't just for relaxation; it's designed to maximize natural light, provide expansive scenic views, and create a cozy atmosphere with a fireplace. The use of natural materials, such as Tasmanian Oak timber flooring and white bleached coastal tongue & groove ceiling, enhances the connection to the coastal environment. Custom cabinetry and integrated storage solutions promote a clutter-free environment, allowing the beauty of the modern coastal furniture and the views to shine. Flexible layouts and adaptive lighting make this living room a versatile space, perfect for both entertaining guests and personal relaxation.

A home with an atrium offers a unique blend of indoor-outdoor flow, integrating nature with modern coastal living spaces. The atrium, a central feature, not only boosts the home's aesthetic appeal but also supports a healthier living environment through natural light and ventilation. This design element, coupled with indoor water features and the energy efficiency of passive house design, creates a peaceful and sustainable sanctuary. The atrium decorating ideas further enhance this connection, transforming your living experience into one that's deeply connected with the natural coastal world, making it a perfect space for relaxation and entertainment.

Passive House Element Description Advantage

Passive House - Modern Coastal Living

Atrium Heat Sink Concrete slab absorbs solar heat during the day and releases it gradually at night, potentially contributing to warmer living area temperatures in winter. Summer shading and ventilation strategies are crucial for maintaining comfortable temperatures in the atrium and adjoining spaces. Warm tile floor all year round safing energy costs.
Solar Panels Solar panels are often incorporated into modern coastal homes to enhance energy efficiency[4]. Reduces electricity bills and contributes to sustainability[4].
Solar Energy Windows Windows are designed to maximize solar gain during winter and reduce heat gain in summer[4]. Enhances energy efficiency and reduces heating and cooling costs[4].
Balanced Ventilation Continually exhausts air from areas with stale air and supplies fresh air to living spaces[1]. Critical to maintaining indoor air quality (IAQ) and reducing energy needs for air conditioning[1].
High Performance Glazing Use of double- or triple-paned windows to improve insulation and reduce thermal transfer[1]. Increases energy efficiency and comfort by maintaining consistent indoor temperatures[1].
Shading and Daylighting Appropriate shading strategies and daylighting reduce lighting loads and cooling requirements[1]. Lowers energy consumption and enhances occupant comfort through natural light[1].
Superinsulation High levels of insulation in walls, roof, and floors to minimize heat loss or gain[1]. Ensures a comfortable indoor environment year-round with minimal heating or cooling[1].
Airtight Construction Minimizes uncontrolled air leakage through the building envelope[1]. Significantly reduces energy consumption and improves overall building performance[1].
Thermal Bridge-Free Design Eliminates cold spots and reduces heat loss by avoiding thermal bridging[7]. Improves energy efficiency and occupant comfort by maintaining consistent interior surface temperatures[7].
Filtered Fresh Air with Heat Recovery Ventilation systems that recover heat from exhaust air to pre-warm incoming fresh air[7]. Ensures high indoor air quality with lower heating requirements[7].

[1] [3] [4] [7]

Experience panoramic sea views in a modern coastal living space
  • Big Living Room Design: Expansive spaces ideal for entertainment and relaxation.
  • Entertainers Dream: Perfect for leisure and hosting, blending luxury with nature.
  • Architectural Harmony: Blends seamlessly with coastal environments, offering tranquility and elegance.
  • Expansive Scenic Views: Floor-to-ceiling windows and a 9 m wide over the corner panorama window provide stunning ocean vistas.
  • Natural Light: This home is designed to capture daylight so effectively, you may never need lights until after sunrise even on rainy days.
  • Open-Plan Design: A spacious layout promotes a seamless flow and airy feel.
  • Tasmanian Oak Timber Flooring: Adds warmth and character with its natural beauty.
  • White Bleached Coastal Tongue & Groove Ceiling: Reflects the relaxed, beachside lifestyle.
  • Custom Cabinetry: Provides functional elegance and ample storage.
  • Integrated Storage: Keeps the space clutter-free and organized.
  • Double sided Fireplace: A double-sided fireplace delivers impressive 22 kW warmth and creates a stunning focal point.  Positioned at eye level from the sofa, it's perfect for intimate gatherings..
  • Flexible Layout: Accommodates various furniture arrangements and activities also offering multiple floor inset power points.
  • Coastal Chic: Neutral tones and natural materials evoke a sense of calm.
  • Warm Wood Accents: Enhance the cozy atmosphere of the room.
  • Visitor's Delight: Guests are captivated by the panoramic views and elegant atmosphere.
  • Library: A dedicated space for reading and showcasing collections.
  • Adaptive Lighting: Sets the mood for any occasion, enhancing the room's ambiance.
  • Atrium House Design: Central feature enhancing aesthetic and functional benefits.
  • Modern Glass House for Sale: Expansive glass areas optimize views and sunlight.
  • Indoor Atrium: Offers a sheltered space for relaxation and plant cultivation.
  • Residential Atrium: Elevates living experience with aesthetic and functional benefits.
  • Indoor Water Features for Homes: Adds moisture and a calming auditory element.
  • Water Feature Surprise: A surprise for guests, enhancing gatherings.
  • Passive Design: Incorporates thermal mass for energy efficiency.
  • Seaview and Landscape Integration: Maximizes views, enriching the living experience.
  • Entertainment Space: Versatile area for hosting events with magical atmospheres.
  • Ideal Indoor-Outdoor Combination: Merges living spaces with nature for all-season enjoyment.
  • Atrium with Plants: Provides a natural backdrop, enhancing the home's luxury.
  • Flexibility in Use: Adapts to various events, maximizing the atrium's potential.
  • All-Round Views: Offers stunning over 180-degree viewing angle to nature in every weather situation.
  • Daylight Richness: Ensures a bright interior, reducing the need for artificial lighting.
  • Emergency Preparedness: Multiple escape routes offer safety and peace of mind.



  • The design prioritizes the visual connection with the sea, using large panorama windows to frame the ever-changing maritime landscape.
  • Overhanging eaves and strategic outdoor lighting are employed to accentuate the architectural form, providing a sense of depth and drama to the structure at dusk.
  • The use of natural materials for the decking and interior floors creates a cohesive flow between the inside and outside, reinforcing the home's connection to its coastal setting.

Real Estate Expert

  • Properties like this, with expansive sea views and modern amenities, command a premium in the market due to their rarity and the lifestyle they offer.
  • The open-plan living area and outdoor spaces are ideal for entertaining, adding significant value to the property.
  • The blend of luxury and location makes this an attractive investment for those seeking a high-quality coastal living experience.

Home Owner Experience

  • Waking up to the sound of the waves and the sight of the ocean through floor-to-ceiling windows is an unparalleled experience.
  • The design of the home allows for natural light to permeate the space throughout the day, creating a dynamic living environment that changes with the time.
  • The outdoor deck is a personal haven for relaxation, offering a private space to enjoy the sea breeze and host intimate gatherings under the stars.

Coastal Kitchen: 
With indoor wood fired pizza-oven

Discover the essence of coastal living with our coastal kitchen design, where elegance meets functionality. The heart of this home is defined by a 9-meter panoramic window that frames the rhythmic dance of beach waves, inviting nature's embrace into every culinary moment. This modern coastal kitchen extends seamlessly to a vast deck, enhancing the indoor/outdoor flow and making it an ideal setting for hosting gatherings that celebrate the seaside ambiance. The open-plan concept encourages social interaction, with a layout that naturally flows into the dining area, fostering a space where every meal is an experiential event.

In the realm of modern coastal kitchen ideas, the Bay House stands out with its Chef Designed Semi-Professional Kitchen, equipped with high-end Miele appliances that include pressure steam technology and flexible cooking zones with intelligent pan recognition. The kitchen's strategic design features a multifunctional Buffet Brilliance Island and a concealed chef's area, ensuring that the culinary process remains both engaging and subtle. The coastal kitchen backsplash adds to the aesthetic, complementing the space with its artisanal charm, while the integrated sinks and ample storage solutions ensure a fluid and efficient cooking workflow.

Elevate your dining experience with our coastal kitchen designs, where every detail is crafted for culinary excellence and social gastronomy. From the Italian Barista's Coffee Machine that crafts the perfect espresso to the Villeroy & Boch elegant porcelain tableware, each element enhances the dining atmosphere. The kitchen boasts an artisanal indoor wood-fired pizza and bread oven, visible from the dining table, adding warmth and a touch of rustic charm. For the wine enthusiast, a dedicated wine room provides the perfect space for storing and showcasing fine wines, rounding out the modern coastal kitchen experience.

Experience panoramic sea views in a modern coastal kitchen
  • Indoor/Outdoor Flow: Extends the culinary space to a vast deck, perfect for hosting and enjoying nature.
  • Open Plan Concept Luxury Kitchen: Encourages social interaction and culinary magic with a seamless flow to the dining area.
  • Experiential Dining & Social Gastronomy: Every meal becomes a special event with the kitchen's strategic design and location promoting engagement and interaction during meal preparation.
  • Buffet Brilliance Island: A multifunctional centerpiece that enhances both aesthetics and dining convenience perfect for dinner or brunch buffets.
  • Chef Designed Semi-Professional Kitchen: Equipped with semi-professional appliances and ample space for culinary exploration.
  • Miele Appliances: High-quality kitchen appliances for a seamless cooking experience.
  • Miele Flexible Cooking Zones - Intelligent pan recognition: Adapts to your cookware for versatile cooking options.
  • Chef's Concealment: A cleverly designed chef's area that keeps the culinary magic subtle.
  • i>
  • Storage Galore: Ample storage solutions to keep essentials within reach yet out of sight.
  • Artisanal Indoor Wood-fired Pizza & Bread Oven: Adds rustic charm and warmth to the kitchen with the open fire visible from the dining table.
  • Italian Barista's Coffee Machine: For crafting the loved espresso or cappuccino at home.
  • Villeroy & Boch Elegant Porcelain Tableware: Enhances the dining experience with sophisticated design.
  • Culinary Inspiration - A Library of Flavors: An integrated cookbook library for endless culinary creativity.
  • Wine Enthusiast's Dedicated Wine Room: A specially designed space for storing and showcasing fine wines.



  • The design prioritizes the visual connection with the sea, using large panorama windows to frame the ever-changing maritime landscape.
  • The use of natural materials for the decking and interior floors creates a cohesive flow between the inside and outside, reinforcing the home's connection to its coastal setting.

Real Estate Expert

  • Properties like this, with expansive sea views and modern amenities, command a premium in the market due to their rarity and the lifestyle they offer.
  • The open-plan living area and outdoor spaces are ideal for entertaining, adding significant value to the property.
  • The blend of luxury and location makes this an attractive investment for those seeking a high-quality coastal living experience.

Separate Guest House / Granny Flat: 
Holiday Home for Sale in New Zealand

The Bay House, a distinguished coastal holiday home for sale, offers a unique living arrangement with its main residence and a self-contained guest house. This guest house, spanning 68 m², is equipped with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and an open-plan kitchen and living area, making it an ideal space for privacy, comfort, and potential income through rentals. Notably, the property boasts private entrances and a connecting walkway to the main house, facilitating easy access while maintaining separation. The inclusion of modern amenities, such as hydronic underfloor heating across six zones and German double-glazed windows, enhances the living experience, ensuring warmth and energy efficiency.

The design of the Granny Flat House prioritizes connectivity and modern living, with a focus on open-plan spaces that encourage interaction and relaxation. The main living area, a generous space, integrates the kitchen, dining, and living areas, extending seamlessly to an outdoor deck—perfect for entertaining and enjoying the coastal ambiance. The property is equipped with high-quality Miele appliances, including a coffee machine, and a Liebherr fridge freezer, adding a touch of luxury to everyday living. Outdoor spaces are thoughtfully designed, featuring a terrace, deck, and private garden with the potential for a spa pool installation, surrounded by olive trees and aromatic herbs, enhancing the Mediterranean feel.

The seperate Guest House / Granny Flat not only offers a luxurious retreat but also presents an opportunity for those interested in coastal vacation properties. With its panoramic valley and sea views, the property is a haven for relaxation and contemplation. The guest house's design, with its own entrances, allows for privacy and comfort, making it ideal for hosting paying guests or accommodating multi-generational families. The inclusion of luxurious bathrooms, including a master ensuite with a 2-person bath overlooking the ocean, and spa-like features such as a rain shower and Italian marble-style tiles, adds to the allure of this coastal guest bedroom idea. Fully furnished and equipped with modern conveniences like rural wireless internet, the seperate Guest House is ready to welcome those seeking a blend of luxury, comfort, and coastal charm.

Experience panoramic sea views in a modern coastal living space
Granny Flat Water Feature
Granny Flat Kitchen
Granny Flat Living Room
Granny Flat Master Bedroom
Granny Flat Ensuite
Granny Flat Second Bedroom
  • Granny Flat/Separate Guesthouse: A spacious 68 m² layout complete living solution with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a combined kitchen and living area.
  • Private Entrances: The detached guest house features its own entrances, perfect for families or as a rental.
  • Income Potential: The guest house design allows for privacy and comfort, ideal for hosting paying guests.
  • Property Connectivity: A walkway connects the Separate Guesthouse/Granny Flat to the main building, ensuring easy access.
  • Master Bedroom: Enjoy a private 14 m² retreat with an 8 m² ensuite.
  • Additional Bedrooms: An 11 m² second bedroom and a 6 m² bathroom accommodate family or guests.
  • Open Plan Living: A 26 m² area combines the kitchen, dining, and living spaces for a modern lifestyle.
  • Modern Kitchen: Fully equipped with modern appliances, part of an inviting open plan area.
  • Efficient Heating: Hydronic underfloor heating across 6 zones for consistent warmth.
  • German Double-Glazed Windows: Tilt-and-turn functionality for versatile ventilation and cleaning.
  • Security Features: Multi-point locking system and Canadian Security Alarm for peace of mind.
  • Luxurious Bathrooms: Two modern bathrooms, including a master ensuite, offer contemporary fixtures.
  • Large Double Baths: One ensuite with 2-person bath perfectly positioned for ocean contemplation.
  • Walk-in Shower: A rain shower feature in all bathrooms for a spa-like experience.
  • Italian Marble Style Tiles: Luxurious 2m high polished tiles for a grand effect.
  • Illuminated Shower Wall: Soft lighting to create a calming environment.
  • Mirror Heating: Technology for a fog-free mirror surface.
  • Miele Towel Warmer Drawer: A lavish addition to the master ensuite.
  • Wall Hung Toilets: Contemporary design.
  • Outdoor Living: A generous terrace, deck and private garden with potential for a spa pool installation.
  • Open Plan Kitchen & Living Room: A spacious area that flows seamlessly to an outdoor deck, perfect for entertaining.
  • Miele Appliances: High-quality kitchen appliances, including a Miele coffee machine for the morning brew.
  • Liebherr Fridge Freezer: A sleek German built-in fridge freezer that combines style with functionality.
  • Lighting Concept: Thoughtfully designed lighting that creates a warm and inviting atmosphere.
  • Garden with Herbs: An existing garden with a fig tree and aromatic herbs like rosemary and thyme.
  • Olive Trees: The presence of olive trees adds a Mediterranean touch to the outdoor space.
  • Planting Terrace: A terrace along the house ready for further planting, enhancing the greenery.
  • Valley and Sea Views: Panoramic views that capture the beauty of the surrounding landscape.
  • Professional Designed Lighting: Expertly crafted mirror lighting for perfect visibility.
  • Connectivity: Stay connected with rural wireless internet throughout the property.
  • Fully Furnished: Move-in ready with tasteful furnishings and decor.



  • The design prioritizes the visual connection with the sea, using large panorama windows to frame the ever-changing maritime landscape.
  • Overhanging eaves and strategic outdoor lighting are employed to accentuate the architectural form, providing a sense of depth and drama to the structure at dusk.
  • The use of natural materials for the decking and interior floors creates a cohesive flow between the inside and outside, reinforcing the home's connection to its coastal setting.

Real Estate Expert

  • Properties like this, with expansive sea views and modern amenities, command a premium in the market due to their rarity and the lifestyle they offer.
  • The open-plan living area and outdoor spaces are ideal for entertaining, adding significant value to the property.
  • The blend of luxury and location makes this an attractive investment for those seeking a high-quality coastal living experience.

Home Owner Experience

  • Waking up to the sound of the waves and the sight of the ocean through floor-to-ceiling windows is an unparalleled experience.
  • The design of the home allows for natural light to permeate the space throughout the day, creating a dynamic living environment that changes with the time.
  • The outdoor deck is a personal haven for relaxation, offering a private space to enjoy the sea breeze and host intimate gatherings under the stars.

Coastal Interior Design: 
Infuse Your Home with Ocean Air

Coastal interior design concepts often aim to merge the home's interior seamlessly with the stunning natural coastal landscapes. How can a home not only reflect modern architectural brilliance but also honor the coastal essence of New Zealand? The Bay House stands as a prime example with its innovative coastal design. It features a main residence, a self-contained granny flat, and a guest house, all linked by glass walkways and a glass bridge over a water feature. This coastal luxury home is crafted to offer expansive waterfront views, catering to a large family or offering the potential for additional income through hosting guests.

The Bay House's design excellence and commitment to environmental sustainability are its core strengths. Utilizing European-inspired construction techniques, the home is built with Hebel blocks, celebrated for their thermal and acoustic efficiency, making the structure durable, weatherproof, and energy-saving. The coastal design showcases a 270-degree view of the east coast ocean through large German Panorama double-glazed windows and a glass-roofed atrium, enhancing the connection to the coastal setting. This not only maximizes the stunning views from every angle but also fortifies the home against climate change threats, embodying a harmonious mix of luxury, functionality, and eco-awareness.

Living in the Bay House offers more than just architectural wonders; it provides a coastal living experience that caters to both comfort and style. The layout is family-friendly, featuring spacious living areas, a chef-designed semi-professional kitchen, and ample built-in storage, meeting both practical and sophisticated needs. With underfloor heating in 33 zones, the home offers a warm haven against the cool southern ocean breeze. The design philosophy of integrating the interior with the coastal environment fosters a welcoming vibe, making it a perfect sanctuary for family, friends, or guests. Residing in the Bay House means enjoying a luxurious, homey atmosphere, where life is in constant harmony with the coastal landscape.

Design Description Benefit

Coastal Interior Design New Zealand - What is a coastal style

Natural Light Large windows emphasizing natural light and framing landscapes Creates a bright, airy atmosphere that enhances the feeling of space
Color Scheme Soft, washed, or faded neutral tones paired with blues, greens, and grays inspired by the beach Evokes tranquility and reflects the natural beauty of the coastal landscape
Natural Materials Use of natural wood, rattan, jute, and woven textures Adds warmth and organic appeal, connecting the indoors with nature
Classic Elements Incorporation of sisal rugs, slip-covered furniture, linen, and ticking stripe patterns Provides a timeless look that is both comfortable and stylish
Construction Materials Natural wood elements, matte painted surfaces, or plaster finishes Offers durability and a rustic charm that complements the coastal theme
Open Space Designs that promote open space and discourage clutter Fosters a relaxed and laidback vibe, beneficial for reducing anxiety
Sophisticated Materiality Choices that complement the view without competing with it Elevates the relaxed experience with thoughtful architectural details
Versatility Adaptable to various spaces and lifestyles with open layouts and adaptable furnishings Suitable for urban apartments, suburban homes, or vacation retreats
Healthy Environment Emphasis on natural light, organic materials, and indoor plants Improves air quality and overall well-being
Timelessness Aesthetic that remains relevant and fresh, transcending trends Makes it a sustainable choice for enduring beauty and style
Coastal beach house for sale in Hawkes Bay New Zealand
Coastal design ideas that blend luxury with sustainability in a home that captures breathtaking 270-degree ocean views.
Discover coastal design ideas that blend luxury with panoramic seaside views.
  • Seamless Integration: The Bay House's design philosophy marries the interior with the coastal environment, offering uninterrupted views and a sense of oneness with the sea.
  • Modern Aesthetics: Contemporary design elements and coastal modern comforts are thoughtfully integrated, ensuring a luxurious yet homely ambiance.
  • Family-Friendly Layout: Spacious living with a main house, separated granny flat and seaview bedroom house.
  • European Influences: A Mediterranean interior design paired with large German Panorama windows and a glass-roofed atrium invite the outside in, celebrating the property's stunning 270-degree ocean vistas.
  • Interior Warmth: Underfloor heating across 33 zones offers a cozy retreat from the brisk southerly ocean air, ensuring comfort in the rare cold winter nights (never minus temperatures).
  • Functional Luxury: A chef-designed semi-professional kitchen and extensive built-in storage solutions cater to both practical needs and sophisticated tastes.
  • Environmental Stewardship: The design respects its hilltop setting, offering protection from environmental threats while honoring the New Zealand coastline.
  • Inviting Atmosphere: The house's layout, modern coastal decor and amenities are crafted to welcome guests, making it an ideal retreat for family, friends, or paying visitors.
  • Timeless Appeal: Drawing from European knowledge, the Bay House is built to endure, promising a legacy of coastal living for generations to come.



  • Design Philosophy: I aimed to create a space where the ocean's presence is felt in every room, ensuring a harmonious blend with the environment.
  • Maximizing Views: The strategic placement of large windows was crucial to capture the stunning 270-degree coastal panorama.

Interior Designer

  • Coastal Aesthetics: I selected a color palette and materials that reflect the serenity and beauty of the seaside setting.
  • Functional Elegance: I designed built-in furniture to provide ample storage while maintaining a sleek and uncluttered look.

Sustainability Expert

  • Energy Efficiency: I incorporated solar technology and an advanced hot water storage system to minimize the home's carbon footprint.
  • Environmental Stewardship: I ensured that the design respects the local ecosystem, using sustainable materials and practices.

Coastal Living:
embracing the coastal lifestyle

The Bay House isn't merely a residence; it's an embodiment of the coastal living dream in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. This home places you at the heart of a coastal lifestyle, with unspoiled beaches as your backyard, offering a serene retreat with the ocean's lull or the thrill of coastal activities like fishing and surfing amidst the abundant marine life.

The allure of the Bay House extends beyond its contemporary design and breathtaking sea vistas. It represents an east coast lifestyle escape, a departure from the mundane. Perched above Waimarama Beach, the property provides a unique perspective, a safe haven to admire the sea's majesty. The coastal communities here, especially around Cape Kidnappers, enhance your living experience with their upscale coastal wineries, adding a touch of sophistication to your coastal walks and excursions. What sets the Bay House apart is its harmonious fusion of opulence with the natural environment, offering amenities such as underfloor heating for those cooler nights and private guest quarters, all contributing to an unparalleled living experience.

Living at the Bay House offers tangible benefits, as clear as the waters of Hawkes Bay. It promotes mental and physical health, allowing residents to enjoy the simple joys of coastal areas, like savoring fish and chips from a local vendor. The cultural vibrancy is just a short drive to coastal cities, and the best coastal towns to live in, such as Napier. The Bay House is more than a home; it's a sanctuary, a constant reminder of the splendor of coastal living. Imagine the fulfillment of making this piece of paradise your own.

Month Ocean Temperature (°C) Sunshine Hours (per day) 2023 Rainfall (mm)

Average conditions for Hawke's Bay, New Zealand

January 20 7.5 217
February 20 7.5 258
March 19 7.5 24
April 18 7 37
May 17 6 32
June 16 5 208
July 15 5 118
August 15 5 38
September 16 6 86
October 17 7 78
November 18 7.5 181
December 19 7.5 45

Source: Regional Council Hawkes Bay, Waimarama Climate

Experience the ultimate coastal living in the serene Hawkes Bay, New Zealand.
Experience the ultimate coastal living in Hawkes Bay with serene beaches and local charm.
  • Coastal Breezes: Revel in the fresh, unspoiled air quality that defines coastal living in Hawkes Bay.
  • Solitude by the Sea: Enjoy the peacefulness of often empty beaches, perfect for reflective strolls or playful days with your furry friend.
  • Angler's Paradise: Fishing enthusiasts will find the rich marine life of Hawkes Bay a dream for casting their lines.
  • Water Sports Galore: Whether you're jet skiing or surfing, the waters here cater to all levels of excitement and skill.
  • Respect the Ocean: Stay vigilant of the sea's hidden dangers, such as rip currents, to ensure a safe coastal experience.
  • Local Delights: Savor the simple pleasures of coastal living with local shops offering classic seaside treats.
  • Cultural Proximity: Nearby cities and villages like Hastings, Napier and Havelock North enrich coastal living with dining, shopping, and wineries just a short drive away.
  • Vineyard Vistas: Coastal wineries close to Cape Kidnapper combine fine wines with sea views.
  • Wellness by the Water: Embrace the mental and physical benefits of coastal living, from the soothing sounds of the sea to the majestic scenery.


House Owner Overseas Immigrant

  • Refreshing Atmosphere: We chose coastal living for the rejuvenating air quality that Hawkes Bay uniquely provides.
  • Private Beachfront: The solitude of the beaches here provides a personal sanctuary that we never experienced in the city.
  • Fishing Lifestyle: Avid anglers told me about our coastal haven. "The abundance of fish species here is incredible, It's truly a fisherman's paradise." I'am not sure about the abundance but I can see the fishing boats.

House Owner Friend (Local Lifestyle Expert)

  • Adrenaline and Relaxation: I love the balance of excitement and tranquility that coastal living in Hawkes Bay offers.
  • Sea's Caution: Embracing coastal living also means respecting the sea's power and being mindful of its dangers.
  • Community Gems: The local shops are the heart of coastal living, with their offerings that capture the essence of the coast.
  • Bay House Bliss: Visiting the Bay House has shown me the pinnacle of coastal living, with its design and location creating an experience like no other.

Coastal Land for Sale Opportunities: 
Build, Buy, or Invest with Ease

Imagine the ease of stepping into a ready-made dream, where every detail has been meticulously crafted to offer you the best of coastal living. The Oceanfront Property Bay House, located on the coveted East Coast on the North Island in Hawkes Bay New Zealand. The fully furnished house for sale is more than just a home. It's a fully realized vision of seaside luxury, complete with modern amenities, stunning ocean views, and a design that harmoniously blends with its natural surroundings.

The advantage of choosing the Bay House is the elimination of the stress and uncertainty that comes with building a new property. There's no need to worry about construction delays, cost overruns, or the myriad decisions that come with a new build. Instead, you can move in as soon as the purchase is complete, and immediately start enjoying the benefits of living in an established neighborhood with mature landscaping and known community characteristics.

The benefit of this convenience is not just time saved, but also peace of mind. You can rest easy knowing that your investment is sound, with a property that meets modern standards and is located in a desirable area. Plus, with the potential for additional income through the property's self-contained granny flat and separate guest house, the Bay House offers a unique opportunity for a smart and stress-free investment on the East Coast.

Locations Pros Cons Bay House Hiltop

Coastal Real Estate Investment Overview

Beach close to Sea-Level High resale value due to demand, excellent views. Risk of flooding, higher insurance costs. The Bay House, sits at an elevation of 197 meters, posing a low risk sea level rise beeing an excellent investment
10-30m above Sea-Level Waterfront Location Less risk of flooding, good views, high demand. Can be more expensive, potential for erosion. ""
31-60m above Sea-Level Oceanview Location Safer from sea-level rise, panoramic views. Higher initial investment, less beach access. ""
Coastal Location 500-2000m f. Sea with Sea view Good balance of elevation and view, lower risk of sea-level issues. May lack direct beach access, potential for limited views. ""
Coastal Location without or not much Seaview More affordable, lower risk from coastal threats. Limited or no sea views, lower resale value. ""
Coastal land 65 Timoti Road in 2006 before the coastal property was finished built in 2012
  • Immediate Access: Move into your East Coast haven without the wait of construction.
  • Less Stress: Skip the building process and embrace a relaxed coastal lifestyle sooner.
  • Established Surroundings: Enjoy mature landscapes and community vibes from day one.
  • Cost-Effective: Save on upfront costs compared to building from scratch.
  • Customization vs. Convenience: Weigh the bespoke details against the ease of a turnkey home.
  • Modern Living: Existing properties can offer contemporary comforts and unique designs.
  • Investment Potential: An existing property in a prime location can be a smart financial move.
  • Expert Guidance: Professionals provide insights to navigate your coastal property journey.
  • Bay House Example: A case study in luxury coastal living with income potential.
  • Personal Preferences: Your choice reflects your lifestyle aspirations and investment goals.


Home Inspectors

  • Thorough Evaluations: They help ensure your investment is sound with detailed property inspections.

Real Estate Agents

  • Local Insights: They provide knowledge on neighborhood dynamics and property value trends.

Financial Advisors

  • Comprehensive Planning: They advise on the full spectrum of ownership costs to prepare you financially.

Nature's Masterpiece at Your Door: 
Coastal Landscape

Imagine a place where the coastal landscape isn't just a view, but a living canvas that changes with the rhythms of the day. Have you ever wondered what it's like to witness the symphony of sunset hues from the comfort of your own luxurious abode? This modern home offers more than just a front-row seat to nature's splendor—it's a peaceful retreat that harmonizes with the architectural marvel of its surroundings.

The advantage of this coastal haven lies in its unique connection to both community and nature. The design of the house is not just an architectural marvel; it's a tribute to the coastal landscape, fostering a bond with the land and sea that's as enduring as the endless horizons it overlooks.

The benefits of embracing the coastal lifestyle at this property are immeasurable. Wake up to nature's artistry with ever-changing skies and tides, and end your day in leisure and relaxation in outdoor seating areas designed for reflection. Living by the coast is not just a choice—it's an experience that nurtures the soul with its natural rhythm and beauty, offering a tranquil escape from the daily grind and a chance to reconnect with what truly matters.

Design Element Architectural Consideration Designed for New Zealand Environment

Coastal Real Estate New Zealand Design Considerations

Elevated Foundations Flood Resilience Elevation to mitigate the impact of coastal erosion and potential flooding, considering New Zealand's varied coastal topography and potential for sea level rise.
Natural Ventilation Systems Energy Efficiency Designs that enhance cross-ventilation to exploit the prevalent westerly winds, reducing reliance on artificial cooling systems.
Durable Materials Corrosion Resistance Selection of materials such as stainless steel or treated wood that withstand the corrosive marine atmosphere and UV exposure common in New Zealand.
Large Windows Maximizing Views Incorporating large, double-glazed windows to provide insulation while offering expansive views of the coastal landscape and maximizing natural light.
Sloped Roofs Rainwater Drainage Sloped roofing to facilitate rainwater runoff, suitable for New Zealand's high rainfall regions, and to prevent water accumulation that can lead to structural damage.
Outdoor Living Spaces Lifestyle Consideration Creating outdoor living areas that are sheltered from the prevailing winds, connecting inhabitants with the natural coastal environment.
Retractable Walls Flexible Living Spaces Incorporating retractable or folding wall systems to allow for an adaptable living space that can be opened up to the environment or closed off during inclement weather.
Sustainable Materials Environmental Impact Utilizing locally sourced, sustainable materials to reduce the environmental footprint and support the local economy, in line with New Zealand's commitment to sustainability.
Native Plant Landscaping Biodiversity Preservation Employing native plants in landscaping to support local wildlife, reduce water usage, and maintain the natural character of the coastal environment.
Solar Panels Renewable Energy Use Strategic placement of solar panels to capitalize on New Zealand's high solar radiation levels for sustainable energy production.
Water Collection Systems Resource Conservation Integrating rainwater collection systems to conserve water resources, an important consideration in New Zealand's variable climate.
Thermal Mass Construction Temperature Regulation Using materials with high thermal mass to absorb and store heat during the day and release it at night, reducing the need for artificial heating and cooling.
Windbreaks Wind Protection Designing landscapes and structures that serve as windbreaks to protect against the strong coastal winds that are common in many parts of New Zealand.
Decking Materials Durability and Maintenance Choosing decking materials that are resistant to rot, moisture, and insects, ensuring longevity in the harsh coastal climate.
Insulation Energy Conservation High-quality insulation to maintain a stable indoor temperature throughout New Zealand's diverse weather conditions, from coastal breezes to mountainous cold.
Color Schemes Aesthetic Harmony Selecting color schemes that reflect the coastal environment, using hues that blend with the natural landscape and the changing light conditions.
Experience the tranquil beauty of coastal landscapes and the luxury of seaside living
Coastal section 65 Timoti Road in 2006 before the coastal property was finished built in 2012
Living above the fog in this luxury home by the coast in New Zealand
  • Sunrise Hues: The coastal landscape is bathed in the warm glow of the rising sun, creating a picturesque scene.
  • Luxurious Abode: A modern home stands as a beacon of comfort, offering a front-row seat to nature's splendor.
  • Peaceful Retreat: The tranquil environment provides a perfect escape from the daily grind.
  • Architectural Marvel: The house's design complements the landscape, blending luxury with the environment.
  • Endless Horizons: The vast ocean offers an ever-changing backdrop to this coastal haven.
  • Nature's Artistry: Each day brings a new masterpiece with changing skies and tides.
  • Coastal Lifestyle: Living by the coast is an experience that nurtures the soul with its natural rhythm and beauty.


Home Owner

  • Personal Sanctuary: I cherish the daily spectacle of the sun rising over the ocean from my coastal home.
  • Architectural Harmony: We designed our home together with the professionals to be in sync with the coastal landscape, ensuring every window frames nature's art.

Coastal Engineering and Environment: 
Fusion of Luxury and Sustainability

The Bay House stands as a pinnacle of modern coastal architecture, ingeniously integrated within the coastal environment of Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. Elevated at 197 meters above sea level, it is strategically positioned to be safe from tsunamis, showcasing a profound understanding of coastal engineering. This residence is a testament to sustainable living, featuring Hebel aerated concrete blocks for superior thermal efficiency and double glazing for enhanced insulation. Its design incorporates passive house elements and solar panels, ensuring energy efficiency and a reduced environmental footprint. The property's resilience against coastal erosion and flooding is further bolstered by its earthquake-resistant engineering and a wind resilience design, making it a paragon of durability and environmental harmony.

In addressing the challenges of the coastal climate, the Bay House employs advanced technologies and thoughtful design principles. It boasts a rainfall harvesting system and over 120,000 liters of underground water storage, ensuring a sustainable water supply even in the face of coastal flooding. The home's hydronic floor heating system, laid with 2400 meters of piping in the concrete floor, provides eco-friendly warmth, while passive solar heating and solar passive heat sinks in the Atrium and Seaview Bedroom House reduce energy consumption, aligning with the principles of coastal engineering to create a comfortable and sustainable living environment.

The Bay House not only embraces the future of eco-friendly living but does so while offering a luxurious lifestyle amidst the breathtaking coastal environment. Its design and construction are a robust defense against the elements, including coastal erosion and flooding, thanks to its strategic elevation and comprehensive water management systems. With features like a Canadian paradox security system for enhanced safety, this property redefines luxury in harmony with nature. By integrating coastal engineering solutions, the Bay House ensures long-lasting quality and resilience, making it an ideal home for those who value sustainability, security, and the beauty of coastal living.

Risk Impact Risk Assessment Bay House

Coastal Real Estate New Zealand Risks

Rising Sea Level Increased flooding, loss of property, and habitat destruction. Can be mitigated by building at higher elevations and using sea walls or natural barriers. Bay House is situated at 197 meters above sea level, significantly reducing the risk from rising sea levels.
Flooding Damage to structures, soil erosion, and potential loss of life. Effective drainage systems and flood barriers can help manage this risk. The property's hilltop location and design to channel stormwater to a catchment pond minimize the risk of flooding.
Erosion Loss of land, which can lead to structural damage. Planting vegetation and using retaining structures can help prevent erosion. The property has been designed with erosion control in mind, including planting and geotechnical considerations.
Tsunami Destruction of property, injury, or loss of life. Tsunami evacuation plans and early warning systems are critical. Due to its elevation, Bay House is not directly at risk from tsunamis.
Severe Weather Events with high winds Structural damage, power outages, and injury. Building designs that can withstand high winds are essential. Bay House is built with materials like steal reinforced Hebel blocks, concrette bond beams and features such as German glazing systems to withstand severe weather.
Earthquakes Structural damage, injury, or loss of life. Earthquake-resistant construction practices are necessary. The property's construction includes seismic performance.Steel corner posts and U-shaped steel beams are incorporated into Hebel. A well-engineered roof structure ties everything together.
Landslides Property damage and potential loss of life. Proper land management and construction techniques can reduce the risk. Geotechnical engineering and a 15-meter setback from the hilltop edge have been implemented to mitigate landslide risks.
Underfloor Heating Pipe System Bay House New Zealand
90 solar tubes on the roof to gain hot water
Hebel Block Deliviery for a large luxury coastal home in New Zealand
Atrrium who act as a passiv heat source
  • Modern Coastal Living: Experience the epitome of luxury and sustainability combined in one breathtaking setting.
  • Eco-Friendly Design: Over 2km of hydronic underfloor heating and 90 solar panels for a greener living environment.
  • Passive House Principles: Utilizing AAC blocks and a strategic atrium design for optimal energy efficiency.
  • Luxurious Amenities: Expansive windows and open spaces that invite the beauty of nature indoors.
  • Sustainable Lifestyle: Live in harmony with the environment without sacrificing modern comforts.
  • Energy Efficiency: A commitment to reducing carbon footprint through innovative design and technology.
  • Indoor-Outdoor Living: Design that erases the boundary between indoor comfort and the natural world.
  • Architectural Innovation: An atrium that acts as a heat sink, showcasing the fusion of form and function.
  • Renewable Energy: Harnessing the power of the sun with extensive solar panel installations.



  • Passive Design: Based on my experience, integrating passive design elements like the atrium heat sink is helping saving engery costs.
  • Eco-Friendly Materials: I chose AAC blocks for their superior insulation properties, contributing to the home's energy efficiency.
  • Solar Energy: I was adamant about installing 90 tubes of solar panels to ensure the house could harness renewable energy, reducing its environmental impact.
  • Underfloor Heating: The decision to include over 2km of hydronic underfloor heating pipes, divided into 33 zones, was made to provide an evenly heated space without the need for traditional heating methods.

Questions and Answer for the Bay House NZ
The Coastal Property for Sale

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What are the key architectural features that enhance the coastal experience at the Bay House?
What coastal activities and amenities are accessible from the Bay House property?
How does the Bay House's coastal setting influence the property's design and lifestyle?
What are the views and natural features visible from the Bay House property?

Video Tour: Step Inside "The Bay House"
An Exclusive Video Tour of Your Future Home

Ever dreamt of owning a piece of paradise? Now you can virtually step inside this breathtaking New Zealand oasis. Explore over 30 minutes of stunning 3D video and imagine yourself creating unforgettable memories in this waterfront wonder. Could this be your happily ever after?

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Luxury Garage

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Walk at the Beach

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Seaside Golf

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Family Celebration

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