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Luxury Home - Real Estate in Hawkes Bay New Zealand

Imagine a sanctuary where grandeur meets coastal chic. The Bay House, a modern marvel in a prime coastal area, offers a lifestyle, an investment, and a future teeming with possibilities. With seamless indoor-outdoor integration, sustainable materials, and solar technology, it redefines luxury living in harmony with nature.


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  • Location: Prime coastal area in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand
  • Architecture: Modern design with sustainable materials and solar technology
  • Living Spaces: Six bedrooms and five bathrooms with high-end finishes
  • Luxury Interiors: Expansive panoramic ocean views
  • Privacy: Unparalleled level of privacy and exclusivity
  • Eco-Consciousness: Commitment to a luxury home with a minimal footprint


Big Luxury Home for Sale
exceptional property in Hawkes Bay NZ

Luxury Property: Nestled in New Zealand's pristine landscape, the luxury real estate Hawkes Bay market offers unparalleled opportunities for modern elegance and tranquility. The Bay House property exemplifies architectural marvel and design philosophy, featuring innovative and luxurious interiors. This property is an investment in a sophisticated, peaceful, and sustainable lifestyle. Discover more about your dream home among our detailed pages, where luxury villa options with breathtaking views  redefine high-end living.

  • Bay House Luxury Mansion: Over 541m2 of living space designed with luxury and eco-consciousness in mind.
  • Privacy and Exclusivity: Offering exclusivity and extensive, unique privacy, a retreat from the outside world.
  • Architect Design Philosophy: Integration with the natural environment focusing on a big house with the smallest possible footprint.
  • Luxury Modern Home: Contemporary, sustainable and smart home architecture with timeless elegance.
  • Innovative Features: Sustainable materials and solar technology including passive house elements.
  • Luxury Home Interiors: Meticulously designed for luxurious coastal chic and comfort. 
  • Luxury Open Concept Living: Seamless blend of cooking, dining, and relaxation over a 200 m2 total area.
  • Luxury Home Kitchen: Chef's Kitchen equipped with modern Miele appliances for gourmet adventures.
  • Atrium: In-house Atrium bringing natural light, indoor plants, water-feature and bigger entertainment area into the home.
  • Entertainer's Delight: Seamless indoor-outdoor spaces flow effortlessly, perfect for hosting gatherings of medium size.
  • Tranquil Retreat: A sanctuary that promotes well-being and creativity.
  • Turnkey Ready: Fully furnished properties awaiting discerning buyers.
  • Guest Accommodation: Ensuring privacy and comfort for visitors.
This coastal haven, nestled high above Waimarama Beach, offers a lifestyle of unparalleled tranquility and opulence. The waterfront property is for sale.
Luxury house for sale with beachfront view in New Zealand
Discover a unique contemporary modern house with panoramic ocean views, open-plan living, and sustainable design.
Experience panoramic sea views in a modern coastal living space

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6 Bedroom House
or five bed house for sale

6 Bedrooms: Step into a sleek 6 or 5 bedroom house for sale where prospective homeowners desire more than just space; seeking a blend of luxury, comfort, and sustainable living reimagined. The ideal property combines the 16/8 living/resting design principle with architectural flexibility, ensuring every square meter of space is optimized for both active living and restful privacy. Features like Three Master Bedrooms cater to the needs of large or multi-generational families, while additional options such as a nanny suite or house with Inlaw Suite, and a detached guest house, provide versatile living arrangements. Attention to detail is evident in the custom internal doors and the use of Hebel material walls for enhanced insulation and fire resistance. Safety is paramount, with keyless emergency exits and well-thought-out escape routes, ensuring peace of mind. Moreover, this home is designed to be safe and elevated, minimizing flood & tsunami risks and maximizing views. Accessibility is also a key consideration, with features like wheelchair access making this home inclusive for everyone.

  • Sustainable Design: Eco-friendly features for energy efficiency and lower carbon footprint.
  • 16/8 Living/Resting Design Principle: Perfect balance between active and restful spaces.
  • Architectural Flexibility: Adaptable layouts to suit changing family needs.
  • Space Optimization: Intelligent use of space for maximum functionality.
  • Three Master Suites: Luxurious privacy for homeowners and guests alike.
  • Nanny Suite or Inlaw Suite: Convenient living solutions for extended family or staff.
  • Granny Flat/Separate Guesthouse: Independent living space for elderly family members, friends or guests. Possible Income Source.
  • Wardrobe: Spacious storage solution for clutter-free living.
  • Custom Internal Doors: Heavy white timer door made for noise reduction, insulation and draft resistance that add character and style.
  • Hebel Material Walls: 200 mm thick superior insulation and fire resistance for safety and comfort.
  • Escape Routes: Well-planned exits for emergency situations.
  • Keyless Emergency Exits: Modern technology for quick and safe evacuation.
  • Safe and Elevated: Elevated structures for flood prevention and enhanced views.
  • Wheelchair Accessible: Inclusive design for mobility-impaired individuals.
  • Optimal Location: Situated in serene, yet accessible, locations for the best of both worlds.
Experience panoramic sea views in a modern coastal living space

5 Luxury Bathrooms
with luxury bath & shower design

5 Bathrooms: Embrace the luxury living, showcasing luxury bathroom floor plans that are as spacious as they are opulent. These meticulously designed spaces feature 3 master bedroom ensuites with fancy bathtubs, large double baths, walk-in luxury rain showers, and breathtaking sea views, all set against the backdrop of Italian marble-style polished tiles. The bathroom interior design includes illuminated shower walls, professionally designed lighting, and mirror heating to enhance the serene atmosphere. Additionally, the thoughtful integration of a Miele towel warmer drawer, wall-hung toilets, top motorized windows, and TVs in bathrooms elevates the experience. One accessible bathroom ensures inclusivity, while hydronic underfloor heating throughout promises warmth and comfort. This oceanfront view property offers a daily spa-like experience, allowing residents to unwind in a serene, ocean-inspired ambiance.

  • 3 Master Bedrooms Ensuites: Featuring two double baths, walk-in rain showers, and double Kohler basins.
  • Large Double Baths: Two ensuites with baths positioned to overlook the ocean.
  • Walk-in Shower: Luxurious rain shower feature in all bathrooms.
  • Spacious Layout: Open design promoting a sense of tranquility and freedom.
  • Sea Views: Stunning views through large windows in master bathrooms.
  • Italian Marble Style Tiles: 2m high polished wall tiles for an opulent finish.
  • Illuminated Shower Wall: Enhancing the serene atmosphere with softly lit designs.
  • Professional Designed Lighting: Precision mirror lighting for flawless grooming.
  • Mirror Heating: Advanced technology to maintain a clear reflection.
  • Miele Towel Warmer Drawer: Adding a touch of luxury to two master ensuites.
  • Villeroy & Boch Wall Hung Toilets: Sleek exclusive european design adding a touch of luxury.
  • TV's in Bathrooms: Entertainment while unwinding in two master ensuites.
  • One Accessible Bathroom: Fully equipped for wheelchair access.
  • Hydronic Underfloor Heating:  2400 meter total lengtht of underfloor heating pipes 100 mm spaced a part for the best luxurious heating system available.
  • Top Motorized Windows: Ensuring efficient bathroom sustainable cross ventilation.

Open Concept Living
in a luxury real estate nz for sale

Open Concept Living Room and Kitchen: Experience how this Big House for sale epitomizes luxury living with its expansive open plan design, seamlessly integrating the living room and kitchen into a cohesive space ideal for modern lifestyles. The property's architectural elegance is matched by its tranquil setting, offering a serene retreat with majestic views and exclusive privacy. With sustainable features and expansive indoor-outdoor flow spaces, it represents not just a home but a stunning lifestyle property, promising comfort, elegance, and a connection with nature.

  • Grand Family Home: Over 200 m2 open plan living area in the main house (Atrium - Kitchen - Living Room) perfect for modern lifestyles.
  • Indoor-Outdoor Flow: Seamless flow between indoor and outdoor spaces open floor plan house.
  • Open Living Design: Architecturally designed for a cohesive living experience.
  • Big Living Room Design: Expansive spaces ideal for entertainment and relaxation.
  • Big Kitchen Living Area: A chef-designed kitchen at the heart of the home combined with big dining area and 9 m panorama window ocean vistas.
  • Entertainers Dream: Perfect for leisure and hosting, blending luxury with nature.
Experience panoramic sea views in a modern coastal living space

Luxury Living Room
in a waterfront view property

Modern Living Room: Discover the seamless blend of architectural harmony and coastal chic in the modern coastal living room design. This space is not just an area for relaxation and entertainment but is meticulously designed to maximize natural light, offer expansive scenic views, and provide a cozy atmosphere in a house with fireplace. The integration of natural materials such as Tasmanian Oak timber flooring and white bleached coastal tongue & groove ceiling enhances the connection to the coastal environment, creating a tranquil sanctuary that reflects the relaxed, beachside lifestyle. Custom cabinetry and integrated storage solutions ensure a clutter-free space, allowing the beauty of the design and the views to take center stage. Flexible layouts and adaptive lighting cater to various needs, making the modern living room design a versatile space that is both a visitor's delight and a personal sanctuary. Explore the elegance of a contemporary living room and how it can transform your home into a modern oasis.

  • Architectural Harmony: Blends seamlessly with coastal environments, offering tranquility and elegance.
  • Expansive Scenic Views: Floor-to-ceiling windows and a 9 m wide over the corner panorama window provide stunning ocean vistas.
  • Natural Light: This home is designed to capture daylight so effectively, you may never need lights until after sunrise even on rainy days.
  • Open-Plan Design: A spacious layout promotes a seamless flow and airy feel.
  • Tasmanian Oak Timber Flooring: Adds warmth and character with its natural beauty.
  • White Bleached Coastal Tongue & Groove Ceiling: Reflects the relaxed, beachside lifestyle.
  • Custom Cabinetry: Provides functional elegance and ample storage.
  • Integrated Storage: Keeps the space clutter-free and organized.
  • Double sided Fireplace: A double-sided fireplace delivers impressive 22 kW warmth and creates a stunning focal point.  Positioned at eye level from the sofa, it's perfect for intimate gatherings..
  • Flexible Layout: Accommodates various furniture arrangements and activities also offering multiple floor inset power points.
  • Coastal Chic: Neutral tones and natural materials evoke a sense of calm.
  • Warm Wood Accents: Enhance the cozy atmosphere of the room.
  • Visitor's Delight: Guests are captivated by the panoramic views and elegant atmosphere.
  • Library: A dedicated space for reading and showcasing collections.
  • Adaptive Lighting: Sets the mood for any occasion, enhancing the room's ambiance.
Experience panoramic sea views in a modern coastal living space

Luxury Kitchen
with indoor wood fired pizza oven

Coastal Kitchen: Find out how open plan design redefines the heart of this luxury home with a blend of functionality and seaside charm. The Bay House features a masterfully crafted open-plan kitchen that not only offers panoramic views and natural light but also boasts a Chef's Kitchen. With an indoor/outdoor flow that extends to a spacious deck, this kitchen is an entertainer's dream, providing a stage for life's celebrations against the backdrop of the ocean's horizon. Discover Coastal Kitchen Island Ideas that complement this space and explore the latest in Modern Kitchen Appliances to elevate your culinary experience. The thoughtful Kitchen Layout is enhanced by Coastal Kitchen Lighting Ideas, ensuring that every meal is illuminated with the warmth of coastal living.

  • Coastal Kitchen Design: A masterful blend of elegance and functionality with 9m panoramic window beach waves view.
  • Nature's Embrace: Designed to maximize the connection with the outdoors and panoramic views.
  • Indoor/Outdoor Flow: Extends the culinary space to a vast deck, perfect for hosting and enjoying nature.
  • Open Plan Concept Luxury Kitchen: Encourages social interaction and culinary magic with a seamless flow to the dining area.
  • Experiential Dining & Social Gastronomy: Every meal becomes a special event with the kitchen's strategic design and location promoting engagement and interaction during meal preparation.
  • Buffet Brilliance Island: A multifunctional centerpiece that enhances both aesthetics and dining convenience perfect for dinner or brunch buffets.
  • Chef Designed Semi-Professional Kitchen: Equipped with semi-professional appliances and ample space for culinary exploration.
  • Miele Appliances: High-quality kitchen appliances for a seamless cooking experience.
  • Miele Pressure Steam Technology / Sous-Vide: For enhanced flavors and professional cooking techniques at home.
  • Miele Flexible Cooking Zones - Intelligent pan recognition: Adapts to your cookware for versatile cooking options.
  • Chef's Concealment: A cleverly designed chef's area that keeps the culinary magic subtle.
  • Plating Perfection: Dedicated spaces for dish assembly near the pizza oven for efficient service.
  • Water Basin Convenience: Integrated sinks for a fluid and efficient cooking workflow.
  • Storage Galore: Ample storage solutions to keep essentials within reach yet out of sight.
  • Tool Access: Specialized drawers for easy access to cooking tools and gadgets.
  • Artisanal Indoor Wood-fired Pizza & Bread Oven: Adds rustic charm and warmth to the kitchen with the open fire visible from the dining table.
  • Italian Barista's Coffee Machine: For crafting the loved espresso or cappuccino at home.
  • Villeroy & Boch Elegant Porcelain Tableware: Enhances the dining experience with sophisticated design.
  • Culinary Inspiration - A Library of Flavors: An integrated cookbook library for endless culinary creativity.
  • Wine Enthusiast's Dedicated Wine Room: A specially designed space for storing and showcasing fine wines.
Experience panoramic sea views in a modern coastal living space

inside the house

Home with Atrium: Discover how a home with an atrium offers a unique blend of indoor-outdoor flow, seamlessly integrating nature with modern living spaces. The atrium, a central feature of this home, not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also contributes to a healthier living environment through natural light and ventilation. From the tranquility of indoor water features for homes to the energy efficiency of passive house design, this home with a atrium provides a sanctuary of peace and sustainability. Discover atrium decorating ideas and how an atrium can transform your living experience, offering a space for relaxation, entertainment, and a profound connection with the natural world.

  • Atrium House Design: Central feature enhancing aesthetic and functional benefits.
  • Modern Glass House for Sale: Expansive glass areas optimize views and sunlight.
  • Indoor Atrium: Offers a sheltered space for relaxation and plant cultivation.
  • Residential Atrium: Elevates living experience with aesthetic and functional benefits.
  • Indoor Water Features for Homes: Adds moisture and a calming auditory element.
  • Water Feature Surprise: A surprise for guests, enhancing gatherings.
  • Passive Design: Incorporates thermal mass for energy efficiency.
  • Seaview and Landscape Integration: Maximizes views, enriching the living experience.
  • Entertainment Space: Versatile area for hosting events with magical atmospheres.
  • Ideal Indoor-Outdoor Combination: Merges living spaces with nature for all-season enjoyment.
  • Atrium with Plants: Provides a natural backdrop, enhancing the home's luxury.
  • Flexibility in Use: Adapts to various events, maximizing the atrium's potential.
  • All-Round Views: Offers stunning over 180-degree viewing angle to nature in every weather situation.
  • Daylight Richness: Ensures a bright interior, reducing the need for artificial lighting.
  • Emergency Preparedness: Multiple escape routes offer safety and peace of mind.
Experience panoramic sea views in a modern coastal living space

Luxury Coastal Vacations
365 days a year beachfront view

Investment Property by the East Coast: Find out how this exclusive coastal home offers a unique blend of luxury, sustainability, and modern Coastal Living. With its strategic hilltop location above Waimarama Beach, the property provides panoramic ocean views, eco-friendly features like solar panels, and a design that maximizes both privacy and indoor-outdoor flow. The Bay House stands as a testament to high-quality Coastal Architecture, offering a tranquil retreat that promises both a serene lifestyle and a smart investment opportunity. Discover more about Coastal Design Ideas and the allure of owning Coastal Land to create your own paradise by the sea.

  • Seamless Design: The Bay House features a design that harmonizes with the natural landscape, offering a seamless indoor-outdoor living experience.
  • Leisure and Luxury: Enjoy the blend of relaxation and high-end amenities, perfect for a luxury coastal lifestyle.
  • Privacy Guaranteed: Situated in a tranquil location with no immediate neighbors, ensuring utmost privacy.
  • Adventure Ready: Proximity to outdoor activities and water/beach sports, catering to the coastal lifestyle spirit.
  • Tsunami Safe: Elevated position providing peace of mind against natural coastal threats.
  • Investment Opportunity: A prime piece of real estate with potential for rental income and capital appreciation.
  • View from Every Room: Strategically designed to ensure ocean views are a central feature of the home.
  • Coastal Climate: Enjoy the benefits of a coastal climate with cooler summers and warmer winters.
  • Seaside Serenity: Experience the calming presence of the ocean, promoting mental and physical well-being.
  • Health Benefits: Living by the coast can improve air quality and reduce stress levels.
Experience panoramic sea views in a modern coastal living space

Home with Guest House
separate inlaw apartment / nanny suite / income

House with a Guest House: Discover the unique advantages of owning a property that offers both luxury coastal living and versatile accommodation options. The Bay House features a self-contained granny flat / separate Guesthouse complete with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a combined kitchen and living area, providing comfort, privacy, and potential income opportunities. With private entrances and a walkway connecting to the main building, the possible mother in law suite is designed for seamless multi-generational living or hosting guests, all while enjoying panoramic views and modern amenities.

  • Granny Flat/Separate Guesthouse: A spacious 68 m² layout complete living solution with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a combined kitchen and living area.
  • Private Entrances: The detached guest house features its own entrances, perfect for families or as a rental.
  • Income Potential: The guest house design allows for privacy and comfort, ideal for hosting paying guests.
  • Property Connectivity: A walkway connects the Separate Guesthouse/Granny Flat to the main building, ensuring easy access.
  • Master Bedroom: Enjoy a private 14 m² retreat with an 8 m² ensuite.
  • Additional Bedrooms: An 11 m² second bedroom and a 6 m² bathroom accommodate family or guests.
  • Open Plan Living: A 26 m² area combines the kitchen, dining, and living spaces for a modern lifestyle.
  • Modern Kitchen: Fully equipped with modern appliances, part of an inviting open plan area.
  • Efficient Heating: Hydronic underfloor heating across 6 zones for consistent warmth.
  • German Double-Glazed Windows: Tilt-and-turn functionality for versatile ventilation and cleaning.
  • Security Features: Multi-point locking system and Canadian Security Alarm for peace of mind.
  • Luxurious Bathrooms: Two modern bathrooms, including a master ensuite, offer contemporary fixtures.
  • Large Double Baths: One ensuite with 2-person bath perfectly positioned for ocean contemplation.
  • Walk-in Shower: A rain shower feature in all bathrooms for a spa-like experience.
  • Italian Marble Style Tiles: Luxurious 2m high polished tiles for a grand effect.
  • Illuminated Shower Wall: Soft lighting to create a calming environment.
  • Mirror Heating: Technology for a fog-free mirror surface.
  • Miele Towel Warmer Drawer: A lavish addition to the master ensuite.
  • Wall Hung Toilets: Contemporary design.
  • Outdoor Living: A generous terrace, deck and private garden with potential for a spa pool installation.
  • Open Plan Kitchen & Living Room: A spacious area that flows seamlessly to an outdoor deck, perfect for entertaining.
  • Miele Appliances: High-quality kitchen appliances, including a Miele coffee machine for the morning brew.
  • Liebherr Fridge Freezer: A sleek German built-in fridge freezer that combines style with functionality.
  • Lighting Concept: Thoughtfully designed lighting that creates a warm and inviting atmosphere.
  • Garden with Herbs: An existing garden with a fig tree and aromatic herbs like rosemary and thyme.
  • Olive Trees: The presence of olive trees adds a Mediterranean touch to the outdoor space.
  • Planting Terrace: A terrace along the house ready for further planting, enhancing the greenery.
  • Valley and Sea Views: Panoramic views that capture the beauty of the surrounding landscape.
  • Professional Designed Lighting: Expertly crafted mirror lighting for perfect visibility.
  • Connectivity: Stay connected with rural wireless internet throughout the property.
  • Fully Furnished: Move-in ready with tasteful furnishings and decor.
Experience panoramic sea views in a modern coastal living space
Granny Flat Water Feature
Granny Flat Kitchen
Granny Flat Living Room
Granny Flat Master Bedroom
Granny Flat Ensuite
Granny Flat Second Bedroom

Sustainable Safe Architecture
ecco friendly, smart & resiliant

Modern Design House: The Bay House exemplifies a seamless blend of modern architecture with Hebel 200mm Blocks and eco-friendly living. This eco home for sale is not only a testament to contemporary design but also to sustainable innovation, featuring Hebel aerated concrete blocks for thermal efficiency, double glazing for insulation, and solar panels for renewable energy. With its smart design, the Bay House stands as a beacon of luxury and environmental consideration, offering a self-sustainable home with passive house elements, earthquake resistant engineering, and a rainfall harvesting system, all set against the stunning backdrop of Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. The property also boasts emergency underground water tanks and a wind resilience design, ensuring a robust defense against the elements. Smart Home features that elevate the Eco Smart Home for Sale to a new level of luxury and sustainability. Smart home automation systems like Philips Hue Wireless Dimmer Switches and voice control lighting, this home offers unparalleled convenience. The integration of hydronic floor heating system and devices ensures efficient energy management, while features like passive solar heating provide consistent, eco-friendly warmth. Embrace the future with a home that not only adapts to your lifestyle but also contributes to a healthier planet, ensuring accessibility and security with systems like the Canadian paradox security system.

  • Contemporary Houses for Sale: The Bay House offers a modern design with sustainable features and panoramic ocean views.
  • Environmental Consideration: A home that respects and enhances its natural surroundings.
  • Modern Design House: Architectural excellence with smart design and environmental consideration.
  • Smart Design: Integrated technology for energy efficiency and comfort.
  • Eco Home for Sale: Features like solar panels and a rainfall harvesting system for a self-sustainable lifestyle.
  • Hebel Aerated Concrete 200mm Blocks: Used for superior thermal and acoustic properties, contributing to the home's durability.
  • Construction Designed to Withstand Seismic Events: Earthquake-resistant engineering for peace of mind.
  • Wind Resistance Design: Structurally engineered to withstand the coastal climate's challenges.
  • Structural Integrity: Built with attention to detail to ensure long-lasting quality.
  • Double Glazing for Insulation and Energy Efficiency: Minimizes heat loss and reduces energy bills.
  • Self Sustainable Home with Passive House Elements: Designed to optimize natural resources and reduce environmental impact.
  • Solar Panels: A clean energy source that powers the home with hot water stored in a 1500 liter German storage tank efficiently.
  • Rainfall Harvesting System: Maximizes water conservation and ensures a sustainable water supply.
  • Concrete Water Tanks: Provide a robust solution for over 120'000 liter underground water storage with constant water temperatur and management.
  • Smart Home Automation: Control lighting and temperature with devices like Philips Hue Wireless Dimmer Switches and voice control systems.
  • Smart Home Light Control: Adjust the ambiance of your home effortlessly with smart lighting solutions.
  • Grid Connect: Manage your smart home devices remotely with this intuitive app.
  • Smart Home Heating Panel: Maintain your ideal temperature with energy-efficient smart heating panels.
  • Wireless Rural Internet: Stay connected with reliable internet, essential for smart home functionality.
  • Integrated Fire Safety: Ensure safety with the Canadian Paradox Security Fire Alarm connected to the main power with battery backup.
  • Hydronic Floor Heating System: Enjoy the comfort of an evenly heated home with an eco-friendly underfloor heating system with 2400 meter pipes 100mm apart layed in the concrette floor.
  • Solar Passive Heat Sinks: Reduce energy consumption with natural heating solutions in the Atrium and the Seaview Bedroom House.
  • Home Entertainment: The Sony DAV-LF1 System offers a premium audio-visual experience for your home theater and delivering audio in multiple rooms.
Experience panoramic sea views in a modern coastal living space

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