Custom made Lightning, Libraries, Cabinets, Bathroom-Interior and more

Large joinery work project with custom made ceilings, light features, displays, cabinet, doors and furniture for a matching design through the entire building.


Indoor - All Ceilings and Service Ducts (not Atrium)
Luxury House with High Timber Ceilings

It's not uncommon that luxury houses with custom-built interiors have a substantial budget for those indoor finishes.

This prime property made no exception.  The internal finishes of this home used up half of the entire building time.

It starts with the indoor ceiling. The aim was to create a very homey feeling with high standards but not to be too flash. The interior needed to adapt to the coastal location. The materials, the colours, the shapes - Creating a happy, elegant and timeless coastal design was vital.

It turned out that the ceilings with the service ducts and the unique designed plight boxes are a significant design asset of the house.

Many happy visitors were impressed by the extended tongue and groove ceilings that have been installed in major parts of the house.

Many other visitors were most impressed with what nature has built and what views this building site provides.

luxury home with exquisite and high end interior standarts for sale in NZ

Indoor - All Ceilings and Service Ducts (not Atrium)
Luxury House with High Timber Ceilings

  • 2268 meters Tongue and Groove 19x120mm sanded, whitewashed/bleached, sealed, and secret nail fixed to achieve a coastal look
  • Service Ducts and built-in Lights
    • 115 special designed uplights incorporated in 293-meter service channels allowing access to water pipes and power, data, phone, TV and security cables. The service ducts are installed in the space between the ground level and top-level windows. 
      The custom made removable panels slide into the uplight lighting Box hold with one screw. Therefore most of the services like water, power, data, heating are partly accessible.
The interior details of this luxury home in Hawkes Bay NZ are extraordinary.

Internal Doors
14 Solid white Doors

Doors should close a cap in the wall so no light or noise can transfer from one room to another. Sometimes New Zealand doors are not built to overlap door frames. For this reason, together with the desire to match the door design with the rest of the interior was the trigger to have the doors custom-designed and made.

All doors are equipped with European hardware. Some of them have an internal draft barrier built-in at the bottom, which lifts when opened. Two doors have double glass pannels incorporated to match the overall design.

Some open plan areas like Atrium, Livingroom or Kitchen/Dining have no doors to allow free flow and heat exchange from the Atrium in the open areas. A very welcome source of passive heating when needed. The east-facing living room cools down with the colder sea air and cross-ventilation with the top windows.

The internal door for this luxury coastal home where tayler-made to fit into the interior design.

Internal Doors
14 Solid white Doors

  • Specially designed custom made 36mm thick heavy white MDF doors with European hardware and some with draft barriers

All Bathrooms fitted out with polished and matt tiles

Having ceramic marble style polished Italian tiles up to 2 m provides extra style and much-appreciated hygiene.

Of course, this beautifully designed interior could not be without tiling extras. All master bedroom ensuites have LED built-in tile openings for the extra wow factor and provide see trough options for watching TV or enjoying the ocean views.

Tile footrests in showers are convenient.

The interior design for this luxury house in Hawkes Bay NZ was carefully chosen to incooperate all the elements of the nature, like sun and sea

All Bathrooms fitted out with polished and matt tiles

  • 165 m2 Nero Acapulco Levigato Tiles in 5 stylish bathrooms - Italian made cutting edge ceramic marble style polished for luxury bathrooms from Casalgrande Padana
  • 300 m2 Natural Design Charcoal Ceramic Tiles for Atrium, Walkways, Kitchens and Garage

Timber Flooring
Vanished and sealed Timber Flooring - in all Bedrooms, Lounges and Dining Area

Timber hardwood floors have long been a sign of luxury and are the first choice of many homeowners.

Hardwood flooring provides low maintenance, is solid and durable, with better air quality for allergy sufferers.

The used Tasmanian oak timber is engineered hardwood. Which means it's more stable because of its layers. The layers are perpendicular to each other. It has less expansion and contraction and allows a tighter fit, especially during the winter when it's drier. The floorboard joists are so close together that the connection is seamless.

Each board is carefully laid to have a consistent pattern glued to the primed concrete floor with an expanding glue specially made for timber floors. That method was espacially crucial because of the hydronic underfloor heating and its possible negative effect on cracking or deforming when heated.

There is a top layer of 3mm one direction timber which can be sanded and resealed if needed multiple times.

It was well worth having an engineered wood floor. It has not moved in harsh sunlight or dry winter periods.

The surface temperature of the timber floor should not exceed 27 degrees to avoid any risks of damaging the timber floor.

The timber floor feels warm in winter, even when the underfloor heating is not running.

Gorgouse Tasmanian Oak flooring, nothing was spared for this luxury home in Hawkes Bay.

Timber Flooring
Vanished and Sealed Timber Flooring - in all Bedrooms, Lounges and Dining Area

  • Engineered Tasmania Oak
  • Top-Layer 3mm thick able to be sanded and resealed multiple times

Waterfront Property Design
Built-in custom made Interior comes with Forks and Knives

41 Kitchenette, moon light
99 Kitchenette with dining table
42 Kitchenette with wine rack
69 Lounge with built in book case, up lights
44 Tasmanian Oak Floor - Walkway
45 Miele Warming Drawer
47 Hand Towles Display and Hand Tissues Dispenser
46 Hand Towles
48 Parfum Display
49 DVD Drawer
50 Goggle Home
27 Dinner Bell
6 Villeroy & Boch Tableware
16 Villeroy & Boch Fruit Bowl
23 Atrium Herbs Collections
25 Atrium Flower
26 Atrium All Wicker Basket moveable on concealed wheels
28 Atrium Decor Glasses and matching Fabrics included
32 Atrium House wide Color matching Fabrics included